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  1. I'm still working on the heavenward storyline but yes, I do like this storyline better the ARR.
  2. At least the action is much better, once you really get into the story line. Unlike the oddness that was the Scion's
  3. Yeh. I was really bored waiting during the maintenance. I need learn dark knight too.
  4. Getting close xD But quite a lot more to go, at least the exciting stuff is here now!~
  5. I just got to ishgard an hour ago?
  6. Extremely, but I still need to finish Heavensward's story line lol
  7. Aww darn. I'm on exodus. Are you excited about the new update?
  8. Yep on Brynhildr
  9. Do you have final fantasy 14?
  10. Barely, just kinda show a bit more for the protagonist, but nothing major since it still has to line with Xillia 2
  11. Does the ending change in any way for each main character?
  12. Mhm, just when they split up that one time. You'll have to do a different dungeon. With the others you didn't get. Other than that it's the same base story.

    Also thanks for the Birthday wish~
  13. Happy birthday!
  14. What kind of change is that? Access to areas during certain parts of the story?
  15. Yep, but they aren't really that different. So it's not really mandatory, they got like what 1 slight change.
  16. Except for both character stories right.
  17. Mm, you pretty much can do everything in one playthrough.
  18. Sorry, I got distracted with setting up final fantasy xiv. I get the feeling this game is gonna stress me out. yeh, I want to do as much ad I can in my first play through. Honestly I'm not looking forward to playing it over again. I started off with milla's story.
  19. Mm, you are pretty much at the end now. In Alvin's world, then the final dungeon pretty much.
  20. I'm already chasing after gaius and muzet. I'll get get xillia 2 first chance I get. Are talking about him being a part if exodus?
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