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  1. Oh... Alright. I can't make any connection, I was just confused cause first it was being considered but then it pulled a Houdini. Anyway, thank you for the speedy response.
  2. The threat wasn't deleted, it was simply moved to what was considered an appropriate forum. If you can show some connection between Jeff Goldblum and Phantasy Star, we'll consider it.
  3. Hey, I posted a thread in the Site Related forum and it got deleted. That wouldn't bother me so much if someone didn't already post about it saying it was going to be considered. I suggested there should be a Jeff Goldblum avatar simply because Jeff Goldblum is Jeff Goldblum (amazing). Someone (I'm assuming a mod or admin or whatever) said it was interesting and that it would be taken into consideration. Next thing I know, it's gone. Soooo I just wanna know weather it was rejected, it was posted in the wrong area, or someone just had a bad day and decided to delete random posts lol
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