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  1. Just now seen your comment but I went ahead and used the torrent and downloaded it. I knew the tweaker would take forever. Now I'm downloading the story patch, large files/translation, and item patches right now. I should be playing within the next hour. 3:30PM PST.
  2. I tried to download the game through the tweaker and it stop the download at roughly 75% twice. So downloaded PSO2EJP_SETUPEN and installed through the EN launcher from the download. I had it downloaded and installed in less time than it took me to get to 75% with the tweaker the first time. Also had the same issue with the initial ENG patches. So I downloaded the patches from the sources and used the tweaker to install the patches. It saved a whole lot of time as some of the patches are hosted on Mega with 20mbs download speeds. PSO2EJP_SETUPEN and the english patches are available via torrent if that works better for you.
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