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  1. Dude happy B day!!!!!
  2. Just keep the support coming, and I await the new members even after PSO2 is released (when pso for the original xbox becomes a classic i'll still be their playing)
  3. Will do buddy. And your welcome im in this for the long run
  4. Thank you for viewing the topic in the forum, and I'm pleased with what you thought of it. And of course I added your suggestion because it was a great idea... keep the suggestions coming
  5. Ok just got done looking at it and so far nothing needs to b added. Tho ill keep looking and relooking. Also i saw u added a fan art section. Woot.
  6. Alright ill take a look
  7. I know, but just remember "do what you can when you can" ....I updated the forum with important info within the PSOR category so check it out, and maybe add any suggestions
  8. I feel bad tho. Granted theres not much i can do atm. I still wanna show my support.
  9. Na its okay take your time
  10. Yea i do have to reg. Sorry thats takeing me so long.
  11. Congrats, I have put my PSO to the side for today so I can focus more on PSOR. Never thought I would get this dedicated, but it is starting to show...very slowly (still need to register)
  12. That i def can relate to. Prob y i finished my marathon of ep 2 today.
  13. I would never quit on PSO, I mite get overwhelmed with the little things but with the Xbox version I keep on playing. (Very dedicated)
  14. Yea it did. I did it a secound time today and got way better drops so its ok it did happen lol. And dude id b so upset if that happend to me online. Wow im suprised u didnt quit
  15. See now that worst experience was on xbox (PSO 1 & 2) when i was logged in online out of no where the net cuts off and i loose everything that is not equipped to my character

    lost my rati mag and god hands collection.....this is back in the day when duping was not needed
  16. Yep yep... and the worst thing just happend to me. I was playing pso ep 2 i beat normal from start to finish i go to hard mode beat temple and save cause i had a bad feeling. I beat spaceship then go right for control tower and i beat the mountain and seaside and im half way through the last one and my power cuts off..... thats just depressing...
  17. Doing more then hoping trust me, and if luck is on our side soon the kickstarter project will be a success (only if we have more members support us though)
  18. Well we both are hopeing here.
  19. One can only hope at this point in time, but yes I was the one who submitted it
  20. U submitted it!!!! Nice lets hope it gets some good feedback
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