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  1. Tony Chopper
    Occupation: Doctor

    Well color me surprised. With a Gundanium Touch up Forehead Flying V in Gold #2
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    And the cops pick up their Zap Rowsdower hotline!
  3. Sentimental Scenery (???? ???) - Beautiful Dream - YouTube

    Another DnB inside an album of all other songs are non DnB, they can't esssscape.

    uh oh, we got some mad 37 years later with a comment on the same song, different utub upload.

    .. ripoff of mondo grosso "1974 way home"

    uzwonny 4 months ago
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    shit son that watamu beach rework is bumping
  5. ???????????? - YouTube

    Old bookmark, cubicle salarymannin' still tough, even with convention colored wiggery masquerading.

    Gotta get out of the office and the Zaku supported over the shoulder overlords.
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    Thanks Palle : ]
    My returns have been alright, some of them were from places with a 'no refund' policy.


    Him and his ZETA-gigaton punches

    Dudley's Zeta Punch - YouTube

    Kinda makes you long for the "CORPORAL PUNISHMENT" by Hayato, as created by known mangakas <- wallpapered by one of them sites, better than that ol stoic fangirl one Capcom supported with them guys on the sakura flowers:

    And because I couldn't choose, you got like a classroom full of links there, only now to see the database yourself here:

    Cool to find these crazy art dumps, and an even nerdier than capcom wikias or hardcore gaming 101 rundown of the Gakuen Schoolin out there on the WWW.
  8. Made like HUCASTS whatcha listenin thread bro and checked that barrel of sample beats, similarly yes. Knew about the whole fiasco of wrong titles, screwed up never to be fixed ever making the youtuber guys yell at at eachother about who's a bigger Doomilay fan, so sad. Never thought to look up any official vidyas over in there. Good surreal stuff with the hyper FPS (even on youtube bad rates) to match.
  9. Boat shoes, in since 2004? Date it, stamp it, Rodney Dangerfield sample it.

    It was still 96 up here the other day. Lawn burning California burrito heat.
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    Thanks space cowboy! o7
  11. Been needing a new Bookmark for the toolbar permanent folder Firefox bar.

    Thanks for the news and industry liner notes.

    This guy done stole a primo job right out under ya.

    I commend him for having the heart in the right place for working his bass in ya face (could've gone funkier, deeper booty basssss), but will not recommend him if it comes to pass another 12 years for the Wicka-wicka-Remix Redux Koryu Street Blackuma 2023 Capcom/Bandai/HatsegaMiku Release.

    Only like the SKA'll girls band Elena Trickin' so far.

    Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition - Beats In My Head (Theme of Elena Remix) - YouTube
  13. Laid back, with no money and no money on my mind?

    Someone else passed this one around a little while ago. Highest tempo DnB track on the album of atmospheric stuff so its a standout:

    YouTube - &#x202a;Secede - Leraine (with Kettel)&#x202c;&rlm;

    Get out of the rain for tomorrow, look forward to better kinda piece then.
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    Will definitely be on that shit if I can. Unless life is screwing me over again. Currently trying to deal with a big payment that I had to make on car to get it fixed, plus dealing with inspections and plate renewal which still has yet to be done (and it needs to be done this month) plus I'm gonna need more med supplies for my disease (and I lost insurance a few months ago) so OUPH. Hopefully present money issues don't persist that long.
  15. That's the type of Ha Doh I can dig, not this Evil Ryu Smurf Akuma Silliness from planet fanboy.
  16. Alright! Would've been way cooler for the Police young man's rompings around Kamurocho than what he actually got for BGM beats:

    YouTube - Ryu ga Gotoku 4 OST [Vol. 1] - 10 - Whiskey &amp; Rhapsody

    with his 'Broken Police Radio' and 'Spicy Brass Squad' -mates tunes as well to round it out to show he might be a cheesy character overall as the youngest of those 4 "harrumph" grumps.
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    Yeah hopefully it will be global.
    And haha see you on it.
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    I dont play JP PSU much nowsdays heh
    But yeah i sure will try PSO2, tho not untill it comes out in a language that i can understand XP
    Eh what about you?
  20. thank you for the birthday wishes!
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