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    I'm really looking forward to seeing some of these comics, at least a sneak preview, if not the entirety of one, one of these days. I miss chatting with you, Sharky. Though I haven't bothered to play in a long time, and actually disconnected all the equipment that would allow me to well over a year, or possibly two, ago, I miss having you around. You were always a great person to have in game.

    I wish you well in your endeavors, but you haven't signed on here in 363 days. If that trend continues, you may never even see this post.
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    I love you
  3. I'm curious now about what lies...
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    @SoleX what are you talking about?
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    hey sharkyboy where are you,you liar you got anymore lies to spread about people
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    OMG... last online 7/72010?
  7. I've been trying to work on my comics: Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Online Episode III, Phantasy Star Universe...

    ... and my newest project: Phantasy Star Dimensions (I would like to send the idea to Sonic Team to see what they think of it. It's kinda crazy weird, but I dunno if it can be an MMO.)
  8. Yeah I still come here, but I don't play much PSU. The ending was pretty lame causing me somewhat to ditch my PSU comic.
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    LOL. you still go on pso-world? never knew that. how about playing PSU ? do you stil play PSU? becuase i still do! lol! i play it every day
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    Cool, you went for all 3 days or just a few?
  11. Yeah, I went to Otakon. JAM Project was awesome, but it would've been better if they sung 'Neppu Shippu Cybershooter'
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    Yeah, GC XD Have you went to otakon this year? I would have if I didn't have a new job. Next year I definitely will!
  13. Zenneth... how have you been? PSOGC huh? I wonder if I can connect my GC back up again. Been busy with a lot of crap lately, and to tell you the truth, I'm lazy to do it.
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    O yeah I rechecked your site and it's up XD. Great section about artbook. Can't wait to see your other stuff =P
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    Hey sharky, come back onto PSO GC XD New quests are on here. Also your website isn't done yet O.o lol
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    I used to live in the northern half, up until a few years ago. I still travel back and forth between them though.

    As for Otakon, I won't be going this year. I don't have the money I want to be able to spend while i'm there. Because I know I will want to spend it.
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    It is how one from the southern half of the state may pronounce Maryland.
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    Murrland represent!
  19. Sharky I haven't seen you since PSO.
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