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    Hey there, how're things going?

    So PSU is finally on its final legs. Like I always said I would, I made my comeback to witness these last 2 months. While its sad to see this game go, it was a long time coming. With this I finally hang my PSU hat, no JP PSU for me, I just can't invest time or money in it, and I've lost interest in it.

    Dunno if you'll be coming back for the last days yourself, if you do I hope to see you around. I look forward for the next online PS installment(US PSP2, or next gen console version) and if they're online, then I hope to maybe see you there one day.
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    Oh wow :P The things I miss. Least Presents are still dropping for whatever reason.

    And I checked the price guide for the stuff I've found, my particular Evil Curst is worth 60 PDs and my Raikiri with 25% Hit is *90 freaking PDs* o_o I'm gonna wait until the Present event is over, then see if I can sell both of them so I can trade PDs for even better stuff. I definitely see a Rage de Feu and maybe a Spread Needle in my future.
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    I'll bum around on PSO if you want.
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    Bored :P Roads are still kinda icy out so there hasn't been much to do. I guess that's the price of not having class. Getting ready for this weekend when I get to see all my family again
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    Ahh wise choice
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    The good 21!!!!!! you going to go drink your brains out on your special day? lol
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    Happy Birthday, sange!
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    Just scroll through the newsfeed for the torrent links.
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    Finished two tests and my project @[email protected] And I watched Tales of the Abyss ep. 8 (I'm using Abyssal Chronicles now for subs, they're way faster) and holy hell, it's intense. Downloading 9 as we speak.
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    Was just doing a quick PSOW check before I head off to see family today! But I must be off, gotta hunt down my nice jacket :O Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Yeah, I think I'm done with homework for one day x_x I can hop on.
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    Okay, I'll be on in a second.
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    Maybe leave me a message on there or a PM if you're planning on playing some time, so I can login. I usually don't play on PSOBB by myself, since I always get d/c'd those times and I actually have a buddy to play withon another game.
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    Nah EST is GMT-5 if I'm correct, though there might be only 5 hours of difference right now if you didn't get your daylight savings yet (we got ours already). So midnight is something like 6 or 7 pm your time.
    Hell I would never ask someone to wake up at 5am to play with me, I don't even do that for work... xD

    Yeah I don't think I have your card, I'm usually on Skyline B02 with PEDO_BOT ; actually during weekends I stay later than that (till 3am, usually), that's why I say it's easier to party.
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    Internship is going pretty well so far, I don't regret having went this far for it.
    But on the other side, my internet connection where I am sucks so much ; it works fine for MSN, browsing the net and such, but I'm getting kicked out of my online games about every 30 minutes.

    Looking forward to go back home for that matter, so we can party together again. I guess I could play some PSOBB on Friday and Saturday nights (going to bed around midnight~1am GMT+1 during the week, so that might be too early for you), provided we don't do quests and you're willing to deal with my frequent d/c's.
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    Friend's house, after going out to eat ^_^ Mmm, steakhouse.
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    It's going. I'll be going out tonight and I'll probably be gone till sometime tomorrow, so yeah.
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    Yea, I guess the pace it somewhat slow. But its a real fun game, PvP on there is great which is the main focus of the game, even tho it does have some PvE to it.
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    Ah you too eh. All this PS talk has relit my PSO spark, so been playing that myself too, with Keiko every now and then. The two of us are actually taking a bit of a break from Warhammer Online which is our new MMO.
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