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    Thanks for the friendship, dood!

    @Ranmaru: i'd have pick up a rock and throw at them...he he.
  2. Wow, that's pretty cowardly of them.
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    Err, I'm in philly now. Jeez some kids assaulted me. If they didn't run they'd be on the ground! GRR.

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  5. Thanks for developing GOOD bottling co. products.
    Zombie? Kill em with comedy and Billy Hoyle!
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    Blogging is such an ugly word, I prefer "Publicly posting a Journal-like thingy." "Blogging" makes me think of hitting people with a blunt object, kinda like "Spelunking" invokes images of hitting fish in my head even though it's not.
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    u mad
    y u mad?
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    ...So I do.
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    Sup nwapwodahs?
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    Get on Skype, nerd. We want you.
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    <3 Shadowpan.
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    A Moory Christmas 2 u.
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    Happy Holidays!! =D
  15. Starting a second page of links.

    Gerogie (from Shin Chan) endorses Sarah Palin. A collection of legally free books.

    (Maff link) Essay regarding the discussion of topology [topology is a form of geometry):

    A day in the life of turret:

    Rapping Math Teacher, Nuff said:

    Steven Hawking interview (not sure if the audio is real on his part.):

    Let me Google that for you:

    This had to be intentional:

    News bloopers:

    Alex Trebek cursing like a sailor:

    Friends with Benefits (wish I had one ;_; ):

    Teacher selling ad space on high school exams (yes, you read that correctly):

    Jizz in my Pants (words can not express how dumb this video is) :

    [lol Maff] Snopes (Student mistakes a unsolvable math problem for a solvable one on exam...and solves it. ):

    3D-Hologram Paintings:

    Scientist hack cell phone to make instant blood analysis:

    Facebook Girl:

    Modified Nerf Gun:

    Windows Table parody:

    User made AI controlled Tic tat level in LBP:

    For the geek in you, how to create logic gates in LBP:

  16. I think I'll start a collection of links I find funny or interesting here:


    Friendly Kitten:

    Urban Legend:

    Gnar Wars:

    Internet Intervention:

    I swear I'll get non collegehumor vids...

    An easy to understand pictorial of software development:

    Sumopaint, a web based image editior:

    A strange flash 3d render program:

    Guide to becoming a celebrity:

    Badger Badger Trance:

    EBooks from dead I mean famous philosophers:

    Font Conference:

    RTF 2606 (warning a tl;dr):

    Not giving a fuck, the commerical!:

    How to go fuck yourself: A DIY tutorial

    Font recognition program:

    The story of a secret furry:

    Pinhead Pikachu:

    Interior Crocodile Alligator:

    Conspiracy Theory:

    Prank Call to telemarketer:

    Metal Gear Fingers:

    You are a Pirate:

    Toonami's Broken Promise bump:

    George Carlin's Seven Words (that you can not say):
    George Carlin's "We Like War" bit: Civil War:

    George Carlin on Death:

    Looperman-A site that has thousands of royalty free audio samples:

    JibJab's Time for Campaigning:

    "im in ur manger, killin' ur savior"

    Condiments that periodically go bad:

    Crazy Guy in a Halo game:

    (TL;DW) A Documentary on the Weathermen, a terrorist org in the early 70's:

    Portable Dreamcast:

    Things you overhear in Philly (Overhead in Philly, Blog):

    Online Free Language Lessons Directory:

    No Goodbyes by Little People: (This is one of the most chill songs you'll hear in a while.) EDIT: My mistake, it's called "Moon" on their album:
    Mickey Mouse Operation

    Kakarot, OH you mean Goku?

    Worker and Parasite:

    Halo Kid:

    Classic Adult Swim bumps:
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