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    Any luck getting into beta yet? Emails are starting to get sent out.
  2. Genre; anime. I asked what anime you like. (any)
  3. What anime do you like?
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    I may have bought the cast Yoko set
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    Tried out Teika as a FO...she's a monster

    I did Desert Terror Inf, and killed Dimma in about 6 Gizondes She just steamrolls everything as FO, took me by surprise.

    Edit: lol @ MAX 1 Inf, so free
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    Ah, no worries; I kinda figured you were busy when you didn't log on
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    Xfire down again? D:
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    Congrats on Demon's Devastation 60% !

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    Happy Birthday
  10. Since Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity has a much needed screenshot function I decided to make a album here for screenies
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    Just letting you know I might have to wait a couple weeks after its release to get Infinity; paid for a car, insurance and tax so I'm kinda broke now

    I should be able to get it in early March (maybe release day if i do have enough money left over,but not sure).
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    Oh? What days are you working now? D:
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    You'll get used to it; I was real tired in my first week but I just learned to sleep a little earlier. Just try and stick with it, you'll think it's worth it once the money's in your hands :P

    If anything, just look forward to your weekend I guess (assuming you get that off); I'll be on as usual so we can play then.
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    Good luck with the job; I just heard you started today. Hope everything goes well for ya!
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    Hey, long time no see

    My internet ISP accidently cut off the broadband line as well as the phone, so I've been without any internet access for about 2 weeks. Connection is back now (with a new ISP which took multiple attempts to connect me) but my line won't be completely stable for 10 days. I'll be on Xfire from now on (connection permitting), hopefully see you soon. It's sucked having no internet

    As an added bonus, I've been ill since about late November and woke up with conjunctavitis this morning, so my eyes keep sticking together. Pain in the ass but maybe I'll get sent home from work

    Cya soon :3
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    Xfire's up and down again- if you can't get on I'll probably be on MSN.

    ...FF14 stopped downloading at 98%, I am not amused (having to use another download source and get it all again >_>)
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    We don't be able to run the new mission. You need tickets from S-Ranking some of the other Extra missions (one of which is the Carnival one ._.). Oh well, guess we run something else D:
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    Xfire's been up and down all day, not even letting people log on now. If you can't get on Xfire you're not alone >_>

    edit: It's affecting everyone worldwide

    If you wanna talk, i'll be on MSN/Windows Live.
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    Hey, just saw Izuna post this, figured it might make you feel lucky
    "What to get now? A Light Laser Cannon to complete my light palette, problem is, the Heavy Punisher is completely rare."

    Despite how ridiculous Heavy Punisher looks, I'm guessing it's uber-rare, so congrats
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    I got accepted for a job That interview went really smoothly and I just got the phonecall now. I get a start date within the next 7 days :3

    It's all daytime work too, so it shouldn't have any impact on my evenings (i.e we can still play )
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