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    Hey, you have over 5,000 views

    You must be popular now, lulz. The sad thing is, because I message you on here more than other people, the entire page is just my avatar over and over again More people need to message you to break up the mass of Ursula faces. XD

    Anyway, once I've eaten I'm going to play PSP2 and get some more levels on Neith. I figure if I can get her to 60 soon, at least she can run A. Thanks for the help so far though, once she hits the wall I'll really need help XD

    At least it's probably my last character (if I really want to play FO I can just do it on an existing character). More games later, you
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    Oh well, can't be helped I guess :P

    Hope you liked those Rise Against songs anyway, some of them are really good.
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    I didn't D: I bought a decent brand one XD

    ...It's just I had no idea the entire line of motherboards I picked from had catastrophic overheating problems
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    I'm back

    Everything running smoothly so far
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    Hey, my PC's died- fails to boot most of the time and crashes if I ever get to desktop. I'm borrowing my bro's PC to type this. I've got my PC in the repair shop at the minute, but I think it's gonna be an expensive fix (I think the Motherboard's died). Unfortunately, this 1) puts back anything I had planned to buy and 2) means I won't be on Xfire unless I can get on my bro's PC.

    Hopefully I'll be back on Xfire soon, but might be a couple of weeks ._.
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    I got booted off Xfier D:

    Connection's working fine, but I can't connect to Xfire at all. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Cya later D:
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    New PSP2 event only has A and S rank. Sounds awful but:
    - A Rank is Lv105 monsters, and has no level requirement. Therefore Neith could join.

    Problem is, I highly doubt Neith would even be able to damage Lv105 monsters, meaning I won't be able to level.

    Sonic Team clearly choosing to ignore the existence of anyone under Lv100.

    Edit: First block is full ot Stateria (Svaltus, Lutus Jigga, Svaltia), and is almost a carbon copy of the long hallway block in Roar of Flames. No way in hell is Neith going to level in this, the monsters do 500+ a hit with some attacks.
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    Connection dropped again last night, sorry for disappearing all of a sudden D:

    *kicks router*
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    So, I can't do the Shizuru route in Gemaga I get owned as a HU, can't land hits reliably on the real Shizuru after he buffs, so I have to kill the clones first. Once they're dead, Shizuru's S/D has ran out usually, but then he's so strong he can instant-kill me with some of his attacks

    ...For the first time, I miss EX traps
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    Sent you a PM, I'd really appreciate it if you could read over it
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    Hey, sorry about last night- my internet connection totally died for about 5 hours I thought it was just a network error first, but I actually lost all internet connection on my PC too.

    Maybe we can play tonight instead XD
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    Getting through Story mode now Finished 7-2, 8-1 (man, so many traps) and 8-2.

    ...I'm guessing I fight Sephiro- i mean Shizuru soon D:
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    PSP2 finished downloading

    My save file from before works fine (turns out I'm a Lv27 Newman Braver). Hopefully we can play later <3
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    She's 32 though D: Damn Sega making her look loads younger
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    Well, PSP2 beastgirl is ohgawd cuet lul.

    I'm sticking with the Newman though, despite her age
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    so i herd u liek beastgirl avatars

  18. Updated my PSU stuff folder with some artwork
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    No update this week...

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    Well, Xfire keeps kicking me off and it's late here now- I'll be on as usual tomorrow; hope you don't lag as much on PSU then D:
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