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    Maybe I'll redo it after I am done with my year of practice. I still think I could've done better.
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    Oh! that looks pretty cool!
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    I make all the poses from imagination (well, mostly). I need character designs really.
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    Oh, ha! That's great to hear. Maybe after this year of practicing and refining my skills, I can do another cool painting for your story
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    All yeah.. it was kind off large To make sure it will fill your future 8K television
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    *has proud look on his face*
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    Maybe 1 direction of the many pages of Sayarality,
    but I am a flowing book of different ideas and themes!
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    Horror things? Ok
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    Very true FFXIV is absolutely beautiful. My sub runs out soon so I may take a break form it and go back to PSO2. I never really got into PSO2 much cause I joined so late. The PC I had at the time it released couldn't handle it so I didn't actually start playing it til about a year or 2 ago, so all my friends who played PSO2 either don't play anymore or are just too far ahead of me..... But yeah once my FFXIV sub runs out I may give it another shot, try out the new Bouncer class and all..... At least until May or so cause want to prepare for Heavensward.
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    Ah. I haven't touched PSO2 in ages..... I've been kind of off and on with FFXIV, mostly off because I don't really have a lot of time to invest in a MMO anymore..... I have been messing around a bit in the Gold Saucer since it came last week.
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    Boo! Haven't been around the site in awhile so checking up on old running buddies. How're things going for you? I hear among the grapevine you're no longer on PSO2 and now on FFXIV?
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    Great!! let's continue via PM
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    Hey dude! are you still around? I need you for something
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    LOL!! well, if I ever pick that game up, i'll definitely look you up!!+^_^+
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    U live!! Heard you might have migrated to FFXIV+^_^+
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    Yeah, I almost made one myself. I decided Mountainmen were decent in the end. Despite number crunching and all that, and you know I'm always on the fence when it comes to that sort of thing.

    I'm sure when I play some more I'll make some solid progress, but for now I'm taking my time again and weighing my options. The RP community is incredible here though, I'm quite surprised.
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    I was very fortunate that the RP community so far has been quite welcoming and helpful so far. I got from 1 to 30 in about 2 days. I have a Warrior, I had forgotten how much I loved tanking in this game. Just the game in general is so well crafted and enjoyable, but I've since lost motivation because of work. I have till the 18th, so I may put in more time yet but right now I'm trying to focus on irl again. I should have known better.

    It's definitely worth the effort.
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    It's some complicated tech as I understand it to have stuff like that. Remember how long it took for Bnet to have that feature? Might be something hard for them to implement for now.
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    Haven't rerolled yet, but Rojir Tyrell is my current.
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