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    I finally got the url to work! For some reason, the thumbnail never worked, so I have to snip the URL out! Shes cute.
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    Can't see it!
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    OMG! FEB! I thought I lost contact with you forever! I'm so glad you are back! Are you going to be playing PSO2?
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    Happy slightly late new years
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    Happy New Year! Wether you remember me or not.
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    Yea! I am back! You better be okay...or else! Add me on MSN [email protected].
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    Hey, haven't talked to you in awhile. I hope things are going well for you. Miss talking to you, find me on MSN sometime, its [email protected] I seem to have somehow misplaced your MSN. MISS YOU!!!!!! Oh, and Rizen is back!!!
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    merry Christmas!
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    And so its official, Phantasy Star Online 2 has been confirmed!!! So far only for PC, but hopefully they'll announce it for PS3 as well.
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    Yea that would be nice. Though I hope they do PC/PS3/360, with inter-console/server conectivity. Cause my PC is crap, and I can't afford a new one, so at the very least PC/PS3, cause I have PS3 :P
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    Well so far the portable series seems to be their main focus. I mean, US PSP2 just released today and the sequel for it, PSP2 Infinity is in development(at least for JP). BUT, there's still the suprise announcement they planned for the 10th Anniversary of PSO which is either later this month or in November(can't remember exactly). And the fact that SoJ got the website registered means there may be something significant coming around the corner.
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    Well it was mostly SoA that screwed it up. Seeing as how they now handle only digital content now, SoJ and SoE have more of a say in what happens in future releases. Like with PSP2 US having most of the JP content in the game rather than having it cut out like with PSP1 US.
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    FEB!!!!!!! Its good to hear from you again, its been so long. lol if you get on PSOBB let me know, I may start it up again, its been awhile since I last played that. Been busying with RL and playing PS3. Recently started up Phantasy Star Portable 2, I MAY get the actual retail version but I'm not so sure yet with the sequel going to be released in Japan sometime in the next year(I'll skip on it tho if they announce the US release as well)
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    Hey, sorry you couldn't make it for the final day. Missed you . Hope you're feeling better and I'll see hopefully see you again on the next Phantasy Star game, or on PSOBB(which I've taken to playing again).
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    I see... Well I hope you're feeling better. If you do get on tho it'd be great to see you, shame we don't keep in touch as often
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    Hello, how have you been doing?
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    Hey there, how're things going?

    So PSU is finally on its final legs. Like I always said I would, I made my comeback to witness these last 2 months. While its sad to see this game go, it was a long time coming. With this I finally hang my PSU hat, no JP PSU for me, I just can't invest time or money in it, and I've lost interest in it.

    Dunno if you'll be coming back for the last days yourself, if you do I hope to see you around. I look forward for the next online PS installment(US PSP2, or next gen console version) and if they're online, then I hope to maybe see you there one day.
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    Feb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you?!?!?!?! I miss talking to you!!!!! T_T
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    Hey there!! Haven't talked to you in a good while ;_;. How ya been? Same old stuff going on here, but with Shred the Darkness being announced I may just make a temporary comeback for this event.
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    Wow, look at all your fans I'm a little jealous now!
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