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    Feb 12, 2024, 12:16 PM
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    I pop on here periodically whenever I load up my bookmarks and see this site. These forums are fun little time capsules that remind us of who we were...
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    Feb 6, 2024, 10:48 AM
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    I still come to this site every so often to reminisce, but yeah my PSO days are pretty much behind me now. Still have great memories of my time here...
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    Thank you, I look forward to the promo stuff lol. The manager said the most heavy thing I would have to carry is two xbox one's at once... which is easy enough.

    What I am looking forward to most is the new Monolith soft game called X... I also want bayonetta 2, and pretty much any first party Nintenda game :3

    You can feel free to ask me whatever pso2 questions you have. I hit level 65 on my main class recently (ranger) Which reminds me... I don't think you have ever seen my PSO2 character unless you use my friend partner recently lol
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    It was an absolutely wonderous day! One of the best in my life!

    I have a management position lined up at gamestop. its not definite, but its something I'm applying for, and my friend who is manager said its okay that I don't have experience with it, he'd teach me. This eyar I'm also going back to school for computer repair, assembly, etc. A lot of my want to get out comes from the fact that is really is becoming very hard for me to continue to physically do this job, my back/spine is craptastic so I need something that is less labor related & not in a freezing cold produce back room

    Dark Souls is an amazing game.. probably one of the best in years, awesome gameplay, atmosphere, etc everything, can't wait til 2 as well!

    You sohuld totally message me on pso2 sometime if you see me on :3 you should get skype so we can instant message eachother! (I won't force you to voice chat xD) :3

    I didn't get any new consoles yet, I will probably get Wii U later this year or next , dunno, cause I want a new computer too so that does take priority :3 but contrary to popular opionoin, i think theres a lot of awesome stuff on wii u :3 just like I did with the wii...
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    LOL SHIT I forgot to ever send you the pictures and junk omfg lol I'm sorry... I will PM those to you right now!

    I'm not up to much, just having a lot of pain with my back, as well as looking for a better job. I want out of the food business! lol

    I just finished a really great Japanese Sega Saturn game called Princess Crown. Really awesome action RPG :3 Still playing PSO2 as well, casually. About to start an old ps2 series called Drakengard, bought the entire series on ebay, and can't wait for the 3rd one :3 Its like my most anticipated game right now!

    Also... I got an electric blanket and it is the best thing EVER. And what are YOU up to
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    Yeah its been so long. I'm happy that we are still in contact after all these years and I hope we are always in contact...

    Im doing well :3 I met up with some online friends in real life last saturday and it was such an awesome day! One friend is from flroida, and the other is from new york. Was a really, really awesome day We took a bunch of pics if you would like to see some

    What have YOU been up to?
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    Happy new year girl :3 we are going on 13 years now.... crazy
    How are you doing??
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    I am officially on FFXIV! I'll probably play until my free time runs out, can't afford to sub atm. On Balmung server too. Caien Rugria
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    So what server you on in FFXIV? I'll probably pick it up this week, the PS3 version goes on sale for $10.
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    Ah, yeah I enjoyed the beta for that but can't really afford to pay for it at the moment.... Maybe when the PS4 version comes I might give it another shot.
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    Good good. The usual stuff, work, spending time with my wife and son, and real life in general. What free time I have is spent playing PS3. You still on PSO2? Been feeling nostalgic for PSU lately, or something Phantasy Star related....
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    Blurp! How're things?
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    Awesome, best of luck with your journey through the series :3 They are all good in their own way. My favorites are probably 2 3 4 and shattered memories, but they're all great. 4 is another one of those "experimental" type games where theres just nothing else like it. Its kinda like the other games, but its kinda not. Its really different and extremely underrated! I hope you enjoy the series, as its probably my favorite series along side Phantasy Star and Shadow Hearts!
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    I do recommend all Silent Hill games, I'm not as critical as all the other fans..... but I will give yuo a run down. TIME FOR PROFFESSOR ASHLEYS LESSON!
    Team Silent pretty much broke up after 3, some of them worked on 4, including the composer. 4 was the last Japanese made silent hill game.

    Origins was made in the UK, and retianed the original composer from the first 4 games. Great game, really feels like an authentic team silent game, one of my favorites to play actually.

    Homecoming: Made in America, and well, it really feels that way when you play it. It has the original composer still, and it does a couple of things right, but it does so, so many things wrong. Its not very subtle like the others, and it tries too hard to be like the Silent Hill movie. Its still a decent game with a good story.... its just not what myself, or anyone eles wants from a SH game. Its worth playing if you can get it for cheap

    Shattered Memories: Stick with the Wii version for this if you can. It was made by the same team as Origins, and has the original composer as well.. Its an experimental game with no combat, you can only run, but its a really cool game that monitors your gaming habbits, like what you focus on looking at in the environments, and uses that to shape the games world. example: if yuo look at all the perverted stuff in the background, the game will notice this, and the game will throw a lot of that kind of imagery at you. Its a really cooll game with a very well done story. Its a reimagining of the first silent hill.

    Downpour: This game is underrated as hell. It was made in Europe, and unfortunately it does not have the original composer. It has a LOT of technical problems (lol unreal engine...) but its a great survival horror game and has a really great story with some really great ideas. It has a loooooooooooooot of town exploration too, and side quests! I persoanlly LOVE downpour, and thinki ts the second best non-team silent game. (Shattered Memories being my favorite).

    I'm sorry for the wall of text :3 oh yeah, stay AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY from the HD collection of 2 and 3. Horrible, HORRIBLE compilation complete with tons of missing music, textures, effects, sounds, and a terrible re-dub of Silent Hill 3. Stick with the ps2 versions!
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    Oh wow awesome! I'm glad you enjoyd Silent HILl 2. Silent Hill has my favorite music of all time... Akira Yamaoka is a genious :3 How did you like the story & music? The story is so deep and layered and just has so much depth that you have to figure out... i love it x3 I hope you can find a cheap copy of 3, if not you can always dowlnoad the PC version of 3 :3 SH3 is a really great game... its one of the very few games that do female protagonists actual justice in the way they are presented in video games!

    I'm not up to much just have been playing a bit of PSO2... and some old xbox games. Beat Panzer Dragoon Orta last week. Great game but godddddddddddddd it was such a nightmare in termso f how HARD IT IS LOL. I was ready to pull my hair out andi t didn't help that i am suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper horomonal lately and everytihng makes me scream and cry...... yeah lol 9 months on those now
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    Ah yeah i plan to get legend of oasis. I loved beyond oasis on the genesis as a kid! I'm gonna get panzer dragoon 1 and 2 one day too......never saga thguoh :/ its up to 300 dollars now!

    BUut so far i have ordered shinobi legions, princess crown (import, awesome game :3) and crusader no remorse (looked hilarious :P) and a action replay 4M to play my imports I wanna get albert oddyssey too, but i'll take my time with these games first :P
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    yo guess what? I just baught a mint condition complete wtih box............sega.............SATURN!!!!!!!! now to figure out what games to buy
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    Yeah I have the DC and ps2 version, the ps2 versions slow down is insane... like how could they even release that.. lol and yes it has a very cool soudntrack I finished it tonight though so YAY now time for POKEMAN
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    A princess huh... that suonds cute, I'll have to look into this then :3 do you play as the boy or girl?

    I have been playing grandia 2 on dreamcast... I never beated it back in the day because I got addicted to PSO v1 back then lol but I'm almost done with that. baught pokemon Y today too, gonna start that when I finish grandia 2 can't go wrogn with POKEMAN
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    Thanks, I really like howi t turned out too, I'm happy I didn't break anything when taking it apart :3

    whatchu been doin lately?
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    Sorry I have been lazy lol. I uploaded the video but i decided it was terrible and is just me talking like an idiot for like 20 minutes.... with terrible camera work i don't think you want to see that :P so heres some pics!



    and the finished product: http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/d...ps91e1580e.jpg

    camera phone kinda sucks, but it looks very close to the Black sega sports model, just without the sega sports logo
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    Soooo tomorrow I'm gonna take a part my dreamcast it actuallyl ooks very very easy to do compared to other consoles... and I'ma paint i black with some vinyl dye spray paint I might make a video of the whole thing
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