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  1. Aw, so sorry I missed your kind words back on August 7th.

    Thanks DaMan, Chidori, and Shinji!
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    May you earn Quadruple Exp on your Birthday, doubleEXP!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy birthday!
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    have you been playing pso2? i can't wait for it's english release. i also hear it's f2p and free to download which is awesome!
  6. Hey there! Haven't been to this site in a long while, but with the new juicy PSO2 info I'm back. I'll hit up your page in a sec.
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    Hey doubleEXP what have you been up to?
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    Sure am. My character is a F Cast, same as PSO and same name: Gretel MK II (<3 Timesplitters). I am lvl 73 and I just beat the game. If you want to play sometime I can help you out with whatever you'd like =)
  9. Nice, grats on 135 for the 'caseal! You and are very similar in our play patterns, as my HUne recently hit 136.

    I decided to give PSP2 another try the other night, and now I'm getting into it more. It's different, but the more I play it the more I'm starting to like it. You still playing any PSP2?
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    I have been on and off, taking a small break as I have been very busy. But the caseal always has me comin' back! I'm 135 right now, and so I just passed my 134 HUcast that I lost to corruption a while back.
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    Ya, playing offline GC. I had an adapter somewhere from the old days when the servers were up and going strong, but even now I'm not sure if I would really want to connect to that private one if I had my adapter around. Offline is still plenty fun, and on rare occasion my old friend and I (who got me into PSO when it came out) like to boot it up on his Wii for some multiplayer action.
  12. I couldn't agree more! It's funny, but you know how when you go back to do something you did "back in the day" (like visit an old favorite restaurant, or listen to a CD you use to love, etc.) a lot of times it doesn't live up to your nostalgia? Amazingly, PSO is NOT like that. Even though the core game is 9 years old and the GC version is 6 years old, it STILL looks and plays and sounds amazing. I recently, as you know, hooked up my GC again. For the first time I'm playing PSO on a HDTV, and it still looks amazing. I'm truly amazed. Even the text is smooth, and the graphics still look awesome. Probably because of the great art design behind everything. PSO really is my favorite video game of all time. Now that I've got my 2 God/Arms, time to find a Red Sword with hit %... =P You still playing offline too?
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    Ah, yes. I bought it about a week ago and I have a level 65. Some parts are annoyingly frustrating like the last chapter and whatnot, but like you, I too prefer PSO. It's such a treasure!
  14. Yeah, I got it a couple days ago. I found an old Gamespot gift card in my desk and it still had $30 on it, so I only had to pay $10 for it! It's pretty cool, but... I still really prefer PSO games on a big screen. But otherwise, seems pretty cool. How about you?
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    have you tried psp2??
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    oh but they are my favorite tree!
  17. Hello!

    Cool avatar, btw. That's a good one!
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    Herro friend!
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