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    Hopping on the dropping a hi bandwagon.
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  3. Just dropping a hi woosh!
  4. Hello~
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    No, I still gotta get with the guy who has my other sea bag that apparently had it in it, which I asked him to hold onto since I had no room onboard before... :<

    But once I do, I'll get right on posting that stuff asap; right now it's the most coveted PSZ information not already on the net, haha... ^_^;
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    Ah, yes, those Rages were a favorite of my RAcaseal when I had her... it's just too bad I have a really great Lv3 Grand Chariot, so the Rages lost use for the most part because of their supbar damage and utility with their already massive ATA's... :<
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    Ahaha, oh, what a wacky wonderment... RAPPY RAIN!!!

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    Alright, I'm online and hosting, come and join me if you can! ^_^
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    Oh, why thank you very much, then! I doubt I may get as great of use out of it as others, but we'll see. ^_^

    Almost done with this little quest in HoR, shouldn't take longer than five more minutes.
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    Sorry for the late response, making some discussion and information posting on the main PSZ forum here, got side-tracked, haha. :P

    I should be finishing my stuff in HoR here quick, so once that happens, I'll hop onto good ol' PSZ and we can trade. Just gotta remember what all I was putting up, haha. >_<;
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    I still can't access the chat, so that's not a possibility of me. Sorry. The only chat I can use is the one that the member's list utilizes. :/

    As for the trade, I'll have to get back to you on how many Resists I still need, but I'm pretty sure whatever you were giving me before should work just fine. If I have any extras, I'll just give them back or gift them to others, perhaps, if that's fine.
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    Hello, I saw some of your PSZ art and I am quite impressed with it. So here comes the obvious question, you think you could do one of my character Norco? He is a red HUnewm with white hair, ponytail as hairstyle, red Radam mag and wielding a Gigas Romulus as his choice of weapon.

    I believe this enhanced screenshot LuneFox hooked me up with can be of help if you are willing to do it ^_^
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    i would like a invite too pso revival if u can .i will be also online if u would like to play.
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    Harlocke wishes for his status to be changed to Hiatus, if you could do that

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    Hey, just saying that I managed to get Perfects on everything FINALLY, so I'll probably just stick to PSZ for my DS now, haha... still, I'll probably be popping Rhythm Heaven in from time to time to test my skills every now and then. :P
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    sorry, been working nonstop. one sec.
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    My FC has been changed. My FC is 2366 1800 9737
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    Eh, I actually haven't been playing that long. I'll agree Remix 8 is pretty easy once you know it well enough, but it's probably because I played that one so much that the slow songs catch me offguard sometimes. I tried going back to Rhythm Ralley 1 after playing 2 for a while, and MY GOD, how many I hit too soon... but yeah, I'll get them eventually, but still, getting annoyed at some for just being stupid, like Space Soccer 2 and me managing to SOMEHOW always eff up the very last kick. THE VERY LAST ONE. I got the Perfect at some point, but it took me about 5 separate tries at the Perfect to get it not because it was hard, but because I kept getting cocky and forget the last kick at the end on the first try of the Perfects, and then screw up early on the final two tries. This game is addictingly fun though. :P
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    Just noticed your profile page, and I must say that you have my full support and Rappy-riffic Seal of Approval. (b^_^)b
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    WOW I just wanted to say how impressive your artwork is!

    And I'd like to play PSZero with you sometimes. My FC is 2666-8065-8315 and I hope we get to squeeze some runs in
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Player Info
PS Zero Characters:
Username: Tan

Trish - RAmarl - Level 94
Retro Gunner

Dalford - HUnewm - Level 32
Shield Hunter

Rappara - FOnewearl - Level 70
Rappy Rappy
PS Zero Friend Code:
2622 3254 4661
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