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  1. Yo mate. 'gradulations to that Gal Gryphon you made.
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    Do u still have the blue little wigns effect file in separate?
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    Someone contact me that he can do the chibi now, so consider that you said you have no time. I will say okay to him, what do you think? is it alright?
    (so that you don't have to redraw it)

    Note: I still want the file you made for "2" btw.

    Edit: I let him do the chibi now, so that you don't have to spend anymore your time. thank a lot really
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    I m planing to make festa global #2, but now, I m collecting information of how many can participate, what stuffs to use as prizes, and the most important, what will be a good event time for you to join? (3 weeks during November or December is better?)
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    you can upload at it is the best uploader site nowadays. (also it is free)

    I will PM you with his Email, so you can contact him too.
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    I left you a message before the site went down, wonder if you get it?

    if not, please tell me to resend.
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    that is cool, I heard that they may have some content for PSP:2. it may be another design contest. Hope your work get in this time. (from the first contest, it seem that they don't really care how beautiful it is, just the mainly idea)

    I dunno if you can show me a bit of any photoshop file that have hair color in the part of it? Since your way of color look so true. as I told you before, it is realistic.

    (Eg. I see my hair hi-light in this avatar, and your hair too any photoshop file?)
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    my work turn to be totally different than what I thought when I fill it with color.
    Can you tell me for a technique on how to hi-light the hair and clothes?
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    and it were made into game now. I guess a bit different from anime to 3D.

    btw, so you haven't replied back yet, about MSN.
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    so in the end, even you drew with pencil, you have to redo it with mouse or tablet pen... oh well.

    and what do u mean by the "hand shaking isn't problem here" is there any tool to help you at it? Is there any option/tool that allow photoshop to automatically draw all the line follow the line based on scan? D: (something similar to "magic wand tool" that select from the drawing line?)

    Btw, why not you on MSN anymore?
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    Well, the reason was as I told you last time. Itsuki was quitting the game, and he planed to prize for the game before he quit period. but then, I couldn't remember if it was a month or 2 that he didn't get contact from you, so he just pissed off and left with no contact remain. (he was waiting around 2-3 weeks and after the contest tho)

    How did you draw from photoshop pencil? using mouse? or tablets?

    I tried to use photoshop brush to redraw the pic that I scaned, but I can't, because my hands holding mouse isn't stable as holding pencil.
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    So that mean you also use tablet!

    it is hard to change from pencil to it? (because you don't see what you draw on tablet but you have to look at PC instead, and A3 size =/= screen side)

    In your opinion, do u think that u like to draw on paper or tablets? and is there any benefit to tablet over paper scan when u color?

    (note, so bamboo fun is the best? oh well, that remind me of the one Itsuki wanted to donate because completely quit the game)
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    Hey, Carma,
    1. do u use tablets?
    2. in your professional view, it is better to use tablets than tracing paper + pencil + scan?
    3. what is the best tablets in your view? please link.

    I just start drawing, and I plan to improve it and color it later.
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    La tenue de CAST et le kimono sont effectivement sympas, mais on a déjà que des trucs du même style. Sérieux, les Gundam ça va bien deux minutes, quoi. :|

    Et pour l'abo, te tracasse pas, j'l'ai pris au début du mois, donc il est bientôt fini. Et j'ai réussi à trouver des gens avec qui jouer (et j'ai enfin mon Real Hand Gun o/).
    J'compte bientôt changer de PC, et quand ça sera le cas, je lâcherai certainement PSU au profit de DDO pour un moment. J'ai pu squatter chez un pote pour y jouer correctement cette semaine, ben ça m'avait manqué, de me faire défoncer et faire nimps dans des quêtes que j'connaissais pas.
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    Non, j'ai rien reçu...
    J'crois que j'vais lâcher un message sur le thread si j'ai rien reçu la semaine prochaine.

    J'ai repris un mois de PSU pour profiter des OMG 10 silver coins qu'il y avait pendant trois semaines, mais je renouvelle pas quand ce mois-ci est terminé. L'event est pas trop crade, mais comme d'hab', c'est pas un truc que j'ferais en boucle, et puis ma connection est toujours moisie.
    Sinon, j'sais pas si t'as vu la sélection des gagnants pour le Item/Clothes design contest, mais perso, à la part le handgun/dagger et le SEED-Launcher, je trouve le reste relativement naze. :/
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    Haha, kinda late but-
    Grats on the win
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    grats on the win!
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    Alors ça, c'était vraiment petit.
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    J'ai bien fait le faire, l'autre était moisi.
    Je propose qu'on fasse une petite fête à deux où on se félicite l'un et l'autre. o/
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