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    mufufufu.... La dejo en paz, pero como la sigas embelleciendo no me voy a poder contener xDDD

    ...No, en serio, por qué me parece que a los demás personajes les queda bien el sexykini y al mío no? ;_;
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    Killo, necesitas el VPN oloquesea para jugar al pso2 o entras directamente?
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    Hi there! Just saw one of your posts:

    12. Cheat Codes and Methods
    Cheating is defined as exploting in-game glitches or outside sources - example: Action Replay - to disingenuously improve your in-game standing or inflict harm on the community. Posting or asking for cheat codes is not allowed. Do not link to sites that contain exploit methods or cheat codes.

    Now, in any case, it seems that mods here aren't doing too much work in regard of these things, given how all of AIDA's helpful threads are still in place, but even so, technically this guide would be against the rules. You might have preferred to hear the opinion of a mod before posting it, to avoid any possible trouble.

    Referencing the bolded part, none of my threads violate these rules - In fact, I'm 100% against cheating in any way. I also strictly enforce the "Do not link to sites that contain exploit methods or cheat codes." part, reprimanding people who do. If you see any posts in which I (or anyone else in a thread of mine) links to or posts some sort of "in-game glitch" or "exploit", please let me know ASAP.

    Thank you
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    Hey dood, got another question regarding another one of your old posts:

    Did you ever fix/figure out what was wrong with the game? I've been getting similar problems since the latest Dragons altar update. It just stutters and freezes mid mission. People have suggested a motherboard problem, but it doesnt seem to freeze in the lobby :/

    Never happened pre-update, though I did recently buy SC2 HoTS, which has been getting similar problems, though that one is known to the tech support team, so I dunno if they are related.
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    No me da la gana de entrar en el fregao del topic de moda de pso2, pero la imagen que te han criticado es la que más me ha gustado de las que has puesto. o_o
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    Also are you still playing? I haven't seen you since the team update either.
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    where is chibi, I haven't seen him for very long.
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    Ah sweet, looks like everything should work out okay then - thanks for your advice!
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    Hiya, I was just reading your AC thread which was posted a while ago - you mentioned that you used the Sega address in Japan for registration.

    Would just like to know whether there have been any problems so far, since I'm planning to register as well (will be using a tenso address tho'). Also, are personal details (such as an address) even necessary if I'm planning to buy AC via WebMoney?

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    Already posted in the topic first and also quote you there. but I think you may not see it, so I post it here too , since my goal is to tell you only.

    normally I don't really care of how the random crowd think, thus, you wouldn't see me post much on those kind of argument topic. I usually only leave my comment such as answer to OP and go do my stuff.
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    equal reward why would MPA?

    -Because it is obviously easier? why would people want to bother form a single party and play it harder when they can join random MPA room straight away for cake walk?
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    Darki, you should post more in group.
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    Hmm. Most of the webmoney is sold out. Any intel on this? I mean, I am trying to help a friend get it but will not do so until I know there might be more haha.
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    I actually got the 2000 webmoney bundle. I did the telephone authorization, location, and asked the representative to increase my buying limit. I used the pin there and I GOT AC. WHOO.

    Thank you very much. : ] It worked hehe.
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    Hey if I just verify my location and telephone will I get the webmoney or do I have to wait? : P (From CN-USA)
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    Nice job on that lv100 mag guide! ^-^b
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    well im on right now. been on for the past. 7 hours... yeah bored. i already had christmas with the fam. just playing psu.
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    i see. that's cool. so you only have 7 amp? yeah when i got to 500 amp. it was hard to find a party to do sacred stream R. and soloing. im bad at soloing. so i gave up on that and waited for an event to drop it. ans when one of the events came it didn't even go to me.
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    oh i dont mind. i am mostly trying to get Heart Key but whatever is fine. i only have 602 amp.
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