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    You're welcome
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    Happy Awesome Birthday, stukasa!!!
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    Happy Birthday, stukasa!
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    Happy birthday!
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    yeah same with SEA ip ban, lost alot of good ppl, ship 2 and 10 are pretty dead now but its getting better, i see a few new ppl arrive here and there. But still not as active yet since before all that
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    yeah i had to delete alot of ppl cuz they quit since ddos and i be getting random fr alot in TD eqs also lol @.@
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    ok no prob and wat ur id? cuz i got sent like around 53+ friend requests this week so i get confused lol
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    ah ok! you coupd always join our team if you wish weve been active since the vita release of pso2 :3 hope to see you there! im ususally 90% of the time in b-201, my character names are KOS-MOS, Chidori, and Pepper
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    haha its ok no worries! , i just got my connection back to PSO2 so ive havent checked pso world alot either , if you want you can add me, im in ship 2 and my id is TwicePiecemen
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    Happy birthday to you!
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    I sees a stu posting a new chapter! :O
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    I sees a Stu :O
  14. Haha, I am so glad you like it! And yes, it is my PSO2 character! Back in PSO, Basi and I were on "Team Pancake", so we figured we'd re-create it for PSO2! Now, it makes me hungry everytime I use that symbol art, too.

    I miss you, girlie! Any plans on possibly updating your computer? Or maybe playing on Vita? It wouldn't be the same without you! I still have fond memories of us doing those Bonus (I think that's what it's called? Hehe!) runs, and kicking 10 rounds of monster booty! We were so good at those, haha. I'm so glad to hear that you at least got it running! Are you planning to play on the English servers? I think I might actually give the Japanese servers a go, despite my lack of moonspeak, simply because I fear SoA. (But then again, the JP ONRY elitists might end up scaring me away, haha!)

    I have been hanging in there! My health has been atrocious, so I had to take some time off from school (yay, lupus! [insert House, MD joke here!], but I'm almost done. Huzzah! Eager to get back to work and school, that's for sure. I'm getting some major cabin fever, haha! How have you been, Stu? And How was PS0?! I never tried it out, since I'm not much of a handhled gamer, either!

    And PSOW is so not worth posting on sometimes, I swear! Too many sexist creepwads! I think I am going to crawl back into the shadows myself, haha.
  15. STU! c:
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    We don't know yet :<

    But can't be too far away. Around a month maybe.
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    That's too bad :<

    I hope we have a chance to play together in the Open Beta!
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    That's great! Congratz! x3

    Wow, you can read hiragana and katakana! > < I'm so jealous! I wish I could read it ;_;

    Maybe we can play a bit together :3
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    If there's no NA/EU release I might play on JP servers but I still have doubts about it. I hate not being able to read anything x.x

    If I start playing there and they announce an English version on different servers I wouldn't mind starting over.
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    That's too bad but it's just a Beta anyway. I'm just happy that my PC can handle it with good graphics.

    I'm waiting for an Europe and North America anoucement too but I'm being negative about it, with how things go these days, etc.
    If it doesn't happen I'll be so sad ;_; The game is so much fun to play. Much better than PSU.
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