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    I have your card, you have mine, we can bug each until everything works out!
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    I'll probably be at work by then. That's why I'm trying to stay up. If I keep myself up tonight my body should adjust to having to stay up til 7 am tomorrow.
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    Rawr, gonna have to hurry up with Lizeht and make her the Acrofighter she's going to become.
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    The only thing I'd miss is the 20% Thunder Rabol Orachio I got from a random Uni2 group and a 18% Earth Shide from another. I found a ground Elsral some other time, but I think that was on Friday.
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    Yeah, a rollback right now would be pretty bad, but hopefully it won't come to that. Even if it did they should have data for Saturday night, so a roughly 20 hour rollback doesn't sound all that bad. Question is did you find something during that time worth keeping other than the rare mission?
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    And the forums over there aren't working. Looks like mayhem all around.
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    I saw someone say it could have been an automatic thing. I hear the official forums are back up, so maybe I'll go poking through there.
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    I'm just hoping someone took the servers offline and is poking around a bit. Since the official site is down also someone had to have been notified by now.
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    I don't know. I haven't noticed them anywhere here, but I haven't really looked, either. Time to investigate!
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    Me too. I was asking Lizonia through here if the same happened to her.
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    I know the chances are very minimal ; but very low chances still are better than none.

    As for my internet, I left a message about it on RR forums, but my ISP's router kinda died (still working and being able to connect on it with my wireless card, but it doesn't connect to Internet anymore), and since the customer service of my ISP is full of jackasses, I bet that's gonna take several sends of useless accessories before they end up taking the router back and replacing it with a new one.

    It already would be sent back if I was the one taking care of it, but my dad does, since he's the one who bought it and owns all the private customer infos. My recent lagouts probably have to do with the router, PSU servers are pretty sensitive to the most little bit of connection problem...
    Right now, I'm using the computer my mom uses for work, as she's connected on her company's server rather than the home router, but all I can do on it is visiting forums, and only when she's away from it and not sleeping (she sleeps in the same room), since the keyboard makes horrible noise considering how fast I type on it. I can't even upload/download pics or videos, so yeah, I'll just check forums when I can.
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    Hey, can I ask you one really big favor?

    If you happen to get your hands on a Twin Falclaws, could you keep it for me?
    I wanted to get my hands on one, but seeing as I probably won't get my internet back before the end of the event, I'll have no chance on getting one, and there's no way I buy one in player's shop since it'll be loloverpriced for sure.

    Any %/element will do, I just want one. If you find only one and want it for one of your characters, keep it for you, indeed.
    I usually never ask people to get me items because I don't like getting stuff for free, but in that case, I have 0 chance on getting one by myself at all. And since I helped you with that Love Inferno board, it would feel more like a trade than an actual gift.
    I can even trade you my GUARDIANS Tag for those claws if you want. Don't think I'm gonna have a use of this outfit, and I'm not really motivated to gather the other required items. :|
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    To be honest, I didn't realize I had that many visits. It's nothing compared to yours though. I need to post more
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    Nope, it's correct.
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    Probably shouldn't get lost in heaven. ;o
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    Father! Don't leave me!...
  17. More hangin' out! <3

    And for you:
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  19. It "pierces" one enemy asnd gives you a better chance at hitting one behind it as well.
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    Geode Operated Leadership Drone
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