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  1. Thanks for the happy birthday three months ago, although just to be clear it's on the 2nd of Febuary. I'm really surprised Ryno come to my channel to say a little something. Thank you. So anyone interested in PSO2? The skill trees seems pretty neat.
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy bday!
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    look in your email, i sent you a new one with the stuff needed to use the files.
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    actually, thinking about it, ill just send u the files to ur email now so i dont hav to do it later.
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    honestly, i play my xbox 360 more now than anything. i unfortunately dont check pso stuff too much anymore, hence why it took me more than a month to check this. lol. as far as giving up on the games, if i can find my memory card and game discs i might start playing pso again. sucks that you have to start from scratch, i know how that is, my file did get corrupt once. ill look on my computer tho, cuz if u got a memory card that can connect to ur computer, i might hav some files u might want. like all the download missions. including the japanese ones. so u can get all those cards back in the game. shoot me an email if u want them, ill get that alot quicker than if i check this. lol. use my email i hav set up for msn in my psow profile, i think u r also on my messenger friend list too.
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    hey, long time no talk, hows it goin
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    There's not really much more to be said. I'm kind of a boring person. :P

    By the way, do you know if EP3 is up and running on a server?
  10. ... picture of what?
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    maybe ill look at it for my deck later, after i remember where i put ep3. >.< havnt played it for a while so i missed placed it
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    its cool. um, i didnt really use 9km. i didnt really use mechguns unless i needed to. which wasnt that often.
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    ya, i just looked at the cards, yas 3kr has 3 range and mechguns has 2 range
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    i remeber mechgun having 2 straight for a range and the yas rifle having 3
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    i like the rifle more for its range than the damage. i do try to do alot of damage when i shoot it. but sometimes id rather do little damage than try for big damage. i do what seems smart at the time.
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    the yas mechs were ok, i didnt use them much, i prefered the yas rifle over the other yas since i used kranz and had the fixed range ability. i didnt really use mechs anyways, i really only like mechgun cuz in one of my early online battles, i managed to get 48 damage with it. i still dont remember how i did it tho. >.<
  17. I really like the Mahu, that's a fun card as is Charity. Megid was fun as well, Love Rappy another favorite. Resta is probally my favorite that or the Pink umbrella. I love anything that increases exp for the msot part. ok 3 favorites, Pink umbrella(at a lack for a name), Resta, and OmniChao.

    P.S. do you like Yamiskov Mechguns, those were on my fav list.
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    hmm, favorite cards, i would say was the yasminkov rifle, mech gun, and gun attack. i didnt use the mech gun much, only when i needed to. but i used the yas and gun attack alot in my kranz deck.

    what r ur favorite cards?
  19. Good, will probally never join the PSU world unless they bring card back though, it was such a fun game. Now i mainly just play with my father though. Maybe if I get inhiertence i'll go into PSU. If i had the money i'd probally play. Is it just me or dose PSU have a different Feel than PSO(ep. 1 & 2 of coarse) did. I really wish i could play ep. 3 online again since I lost my memory card and had to start a new character. If you read my profile you'd know it's Miroku From Inuyasha.I might get PSU if I had a dedicated player with me.
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    hey, havnt talked to u in a long time. how u doin?
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My new character is Miroku from Inuyasha(his lecturous friend). I can't go online since the servers closed so i just play vs cpu, so hard to find a challenge. What do I do now?


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PSO Characters:
My new character is Miroku from Inuyasha(his lecturous friend). I can't go online since the servers closed so i just play vs cpu, so hard to find a challenge. What do I do now?
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