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    May Many Rares and good times lay in the wake of your Weapon on your Birthday, Mracless!
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    Happy Birthday, Mracless!
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    Happy birthday!
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    boot up PSO2 and play with meeee ^_^
  5. I send them as I see them! :P

    And sure, just a tad busy lately with stuffs.
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    darn you pso2 I was enjoying procrastinating the decision on what laptop to buy
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    PSO2 release date sneaked up on me. I was expecting an August release so my computer isn't ready yet;-;
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    33? Damn that sucks. I'm ust going to hold off and deal with the default stuff until something changes.
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    Indeed and thank you... I owe it to randomly looking through the such!
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    Something for you... PSO2 closed ?: Emergency Code - Lobby Arrest - YouTube

    Found your character picture in the Character Creation thread
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    no not yet. I just checked after I read the blog.
    If I don't get in I am going to drown my sorrows in playing disgaea 3.

    Also I don't think we will ever be fully satisfied with our characters. Its so nice pso2 gives us that feeling with all of its customization

    Oh btw did your friend get in? (the one you said you told to sign up for the beta when I was asking about jp address stuff)
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    You can add some color to the lips so they don't look the same color as the skin. There is one that has a pinkish look but doesn't look like lipstick.

    my new character


    I didn't really change much from the default face on her.

    A lil update to D-Gold.(made the yellow darker) You can also see that lip color I was talking about
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    HD looks so nice(drools) Loving the ears and ponytail. I was thinking of using them but I decided to save it for a third character

    I also like how your faces turned out. I am still tweaking both of my characters faces because I am not completely happy with it yet.

    What do you think about my caseal parts colors? I wanted her to have a goldish color no matter what. I think it turned out ok.
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    have you tried out the PSO 2 demo yet?

    I can't wait until I get a new computer. The laptop I am using now crashes when I try to run the demo in HD. SD works alright though.
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    Before I got Blazblue for my vita I had only played Blazblue Calamity trigger for the psp. I am not very good at fighting games either competitive play wise yet. I mostly just play for fun offline using characters I like and trying to get better at them.

    Also we like pretty much the same characters (except I don't like or hate Tao)

    A few years ago though when I played calamity trigger I liked playing as litchi ,racheal, and noel
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    Yeah ,but I kind of forgot about it until I just happened to look at her wiki page.

    Btw which Blazblue characters do you like?
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    I didnt ask for anything this year so my family just gave me some money.

    btw It's Makoto's b-day today (April 2)
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    Thanks Mrac.
    It was ok. I don't like big parties so I just had a cake and ate it with some close relatives
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    Makoto Nanaya figure!! Gimmie ^_^
    I always liked her hair Design in this picture

    With the cash shops though lets just hope sega doesn't try to break peoples wallets too much. I already need to get a new laptop so I won't be doing any wild spending in the cash shops anytime soon.

    Pay for better grind rates, As long as its reasonable I am ok with this one

    drop rates, I don't like this one at all. I feel that we shouldnt have to pay for drop rates but from sega point of view I can see it selling like hot cakes

    better healing items,
    Forces are going to be a must have in high level parties then.

    scape dolls. Don't mind this one. It will make my strive harder not to die

    Pay for storage, paying for extra storage as a one time fee seems ok if we have a lot of storage originally like 1000-2000 storage space.

    room and shop functionality. ok as long as I don't have to pay rent on it.^_^

    I don't know what the paying for skill trees thing is all about, but it's sounds scary. Having to pay to switch class or something? Oh gawd. Kill me.

    I wouldn't even want to switch classes if they did that. My Main would just be playing RA throughout her career.
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    I would like it if the microtransations items are mostly for visual appeal.(outfit,units,mags,ect) I don't like the idea of having to buy good weapons. It takes the triumphant feeling you get when you find a great weapon after hours of grinding. I liked psp2i system where you could buy outfits, units, and weapons and the weapons weren't great stat wise ,but when extended they could be somewhat decent
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