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    Didn't think I'd find you on here after all this time. I'll getting ahold of some laptops that I'm testing to see if I can play any kind of PSO game on them. One looks promising but I'm still testing them out.
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    Wow. it has been so long. I decided to check up on my PSO world page after finding out that PSO2 is still going strong over in Japan. Still not sure if I'll ever get back into it given my lack of a decent PC rig and the work I"d have to put into getting an account to play on the asia servers. hope your still having fun if you still are playing. your message is about 3 years old now.
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    Long time no see. Just checking to see if your still PSOing or moved on to PSO2 overseas or on FF. Probaly not going to be on either anymore given my time away from things.
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    Sadly no. Got booted awhile back when the JPN servers got strict. Only got to play for a day. Not sure where to play MMOs now =(
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    Sure I don't mind, I'm mostly idling in B24 or in my room and playing FFX when I'm not actually playing PSO2.
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    Its been to long. Too long indeed.
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    I've just started playing on there myself. Hopefully I'll see you there.
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    Which server do you play on?
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    Ahh yeah I have seen that game before it looks badass. I just signed up for the PSO2 beta so I am hoping to play that in a couple weeks.
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    I'm sorry we haven't meet up yet. I haven't been on PSU in a week or more. It's getting to boring and pissing me off. I killed like 2500 Gaozoran's and no Eternal Psycho Wand. Yet my friend got 2 back to back.
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    Sry I missed this message! I'll be on around 6/7 CST everyday. I'll add you MSN and try to catch you on! BTW I meant it when I said I was a n00b on those servers. Haha
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    Well Jess's name in katakana Reads as Jesu. but translating it back to english it means Jess.
    Talking about Slowdown(Lag) on 360 i got used to it however after playing on jp and trying 360 again it feels horrible now im spoiled not that it matters i cancelled my 360 account last week 4 years all locked away now lol
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    Hello I played on the Xbox 360 servers for 4 and half years before i joined Jp my first ever character was a Human named Cloudstrife xx but i soon made my female Beast Jess (Unknown to me but this beast would end up being my main character and now everyone calls me by the name Jess lol) few months later i ended up deleting my human and have made my characters that eventually ended up with me On jp psu
    My following Characters on JP psu are A Female Beast ジェス.(japanese For Jess) - a female Cast VictoriX VII my Female Newman ソラリス・アトレイデ and lasty my 2nd Female Cast ライトニング If you see any of those Characters its Me! lol
    Also Tifa is Hawt!
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    I wore myself out. We will have to meet sometime tomorrow.
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    Oh man I am so sorry. I have shuffle practice. How long are you going to be on??
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    Ahh oki doki till then.
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    Hmmm Yeah I should be on I will be shuffling with a friend in a couple hours and then I can meet you on PSU if you would like. I need to level my sec anyway. (Level 145) So we can run some S2 or S3s if you wan't. Ohh I added you on xbox as well.
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    I am doing ok thank you (^_^) and yourself?
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    Ack! I only have a PS3. I tried for a month in trying to get it to work with a PC patch fix but no luck. I'll have to think of something else. Thanks for the vid!
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    sure! Just point me in the right direction! I found one server but it's only based in the US. Must find the JP!
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PSO Characters:
Tes x20 or so. A few other characters. I'm on SCHT, Ultima and Ephinea.
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