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  1. Been busy brother may log on later
  2. Fighting the good fight, breh!

    Funny how I was wondering where you and Mark got to. Miss you two! Haven't seen you on Skype either.

    What have you been up to?
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    Yes sir! I've been looking at them since you sent them, i think im gonna go grab a controller for this while the maintenance is going on. so see you back on the game soon! Thanks again for the links, it sheds tons of light on this game lol
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    Thanks for the help again, spawn! Real nice seeing a old friend!

    and how long do these maintenance last?
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    im guessing that was the maintenance? lol
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    Just for you. Also this is my account on this forum :P
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    sup man? probably hanging up my PSU gear for a while. MS is pissing me off so as soon as I get the issue with my card squared away I'm not buying anything else from them other than the occasional disc-based game (no more arcade games) and an XBL Gold sub. I still wanna hang out with my friends but PSU isn't looking good for it. I will definitely see my peeps BIG OLAF and xBladeM6x on Gears of War 3 though.
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    Under send a message, just do a private one.
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    Hey! How've you been?

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    Dont want to spam convo in the boad lol. Yeah i tried to wait but then the other gal that was in the party got back on and my pal was on. Ill get you next time!
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    What's up spAwn!
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    060 can kiss my azz!! hubby playing and I can't get on.... i'm trying really hard NOT to throw things... i can see myself sitting at ps2 clicking all day long HOPING for Sega to let me in to run new mission...sorry end rant /
    So how r u today hon? lol
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    I'll give ya 38 dark 6.6 repca and 28 dark armas for your red wall.
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    Check my wants for SN/G... I'd value them high seeing as how they are +8 and one has potential for 10.
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    interested in the Milla taht you have. i can offer the following

    RAttlesnake (2/10) + Blackbull (0/10) + Psycho Wand (0/10)

    These i will Trade as a base of deal then add anything you want from the folowing

    Silence Claw 25% 5/10, Ruby Bullet 5/10x2, Twin Ruby Bullet 5/10, Zanshu Misaki 34%, S+10x4, Pushan 0/10, Needle Cannon 3/9, Shigga Barec 5/8, Blackbull (yes i have 2) 0/10,

    and the following mats that i have - Ortapolymer x8, Agito Edge x1, Goa Rod Peices x4 Spicia x2 Tear of Light x1

    I also have a few boards that arnt worth much (kan yu's, Gekit's etc) PLZ reply and take pitty on a Player who the Jigoboomas mock (ive killed 532 Jigos so far and its getting a Little annoying that 0 millas have dropped)
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