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    Goodness it's been a LONG time, wow. Hope you're doing okay these days
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    <3 <3
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    Who wants to be friends? LoL
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    Happy Birthday once again!
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    I made my own one, since this is a public location, I should just PM it to you, lol.
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    And this is the PoV of a busty woman xDD
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    Well. for me it was the total opposite...
    The game was really boring (and still is) so I took a break from the game (all I did was collecting login rewards), but when I saw the EP4 stuff, I started playing again.
    I mean, fucking tanks and laz0r dinosaurs! This is just total awesomeness. Who doesn't like tanks and dinosaurs? Too bad we have no dinosaurs riding tanks...

    And ye, the whole community - or should I say the cancer that is PSOW - is just too salty. We need more people to imitate Maenara. Hopefully this site will become less toxic.
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    Sich random. Not many w0w.How are you? Haven't seen you ingame for quite a while now. I guess time zones are a thing after all.
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    Well, what's wrong with a series of one-offs? I thought I could pay them a certain amount per enemy sprite.
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    I already put up a post here, looking for artists on this site.
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    I've been gradually building up a sequel to the classic Phantasy Star 4 with RPG Maker. I was looking for someone to draw enemy sprites for battles. There are numerous PS4 sprites available on the web, but I don't want to use any of those.
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    Say, Olaf! Do you buddies do sprite work?
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    This thing. It's a program you start before starting pso2.exe
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    If you ever get to do screens of Nassandra again, you might want to try the tool that disables near (and far) clipping, so elements too close to (or far from) the camera (your char, basically) don't disappear. Arks mod tool was it called, perhaps?
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    you a cutie~
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    Haha, yeah. The thing that ruined most of the shots was actually that I hadn't hidden the game UI. I reinstalled the game recently and forgot about it. x|
    The rest of the shots were lost to the imitation marker, Aria jumping in and out of the shots, someone blinking, etc.
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    Wow, sorry for the late reply, I didn't pay any attention to my own profile lately.
    Thanks, though!
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