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    Oh my goodness, the angel winged newman has returned. Are you part of PSO2 now?
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    We should play sometime
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    I've already tried, granted, it was for a torrent, but still. <_<

    Spent like a good 30 mins looking for that shit.
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    I added you on PSZ! :)

    Nickname: Oshihiro
    Friend Code: 0603 6364 1070
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    I'll be online later today
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    I'll let you know when I'm online.
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    I added you to PSZ :3
    if you want to add me back:

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    Tomorrow it is
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    Anyway, wanna do some Hard Mode?
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    nice work, LV95
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    *sigh* I'm not exactly looking for an argument. That said,

    90% of anime uses the same recycled storylines and character archetypes since Osamu Tezuka created the medium in the 1950's. "Chosen one" character? Astro boy. Gender-Bender/Harem? Princess Knight. Over the top fighting/action? Lost World. There are plenty more but I won't bother, you get the point.

    Then theres the fact that the animation is almost always terrible. This isn't even a choice, its because the Japanese Capitalism machine works so fast that the animators can't afford to properly animate. Thats why you get "cut and paste" mouths and eyes, literally mouths that are simply cut outs pasted on to the same face episode after episode (which completely ignores the fact that a person uses there entire face to speak and emote). And then you have "chibi" which isn't even a style, its a way for the animators to not have to animate knees or elbows, or infer body language. Anime is nothing more than an entire medium created around cutting corners.

    And going back to storytelling, the plots in these things are unbelievably obtuse. It's incredibly apparent which anime actually had a plot that was written before they started animating, and which ones were written by the seat of the authors pants. (Naruto and its, what, 80 episodes of filler?)

    The few anime that I do enjoy, are the few that are actually fairly original and have enough of a budget to actually look good. Stuff like Bebop, KARAS, Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai, Vampire Hunter D, Akira, Ninja Scroll, or Evangelion (even if it still suffers from a helluva lot of stupid cliches) I like because they're good animated features, not because I'm an anime fanboy. I don't base my enjoyment of something by sticking it to it as a fan, I enjoy something because its well done.
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    i has added you add me too pls~
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    but wow amazing so I WAS PLAYING with u all these times and never knew it NOW GIVE ME TWIN PSYCHO GUNS
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    Wait...what? No. I'm not religious in the least. I just hate 90% of anime and 100% of hentai.
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    dun worry i kid :P
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    Man Shino look wat u did u pervert D:
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    I figured you'd wanna hear the rest of the story, thread was closed before I could reply:

    Cherry was (is?) a PSU player that used to frequent these boards. If memory serves correctly he ended up posting some PSO hentai with Ash the HUmar's face covering up the explicit bits. This is sorta/kinda second-hand, I was lurking around back then but not very active and my memory isnt the best on the subject.

    But hey, he was also notorious for being the first player to hit level cap with every update that SoA made in PSU. I dunno if he still does that (seeing how I quit that awful excuse for a game 2 years ago) but its not surprising someone like him would be posting that kind of awful shite.
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    Nah man, I can't connect right now. Wi-Fi is totally being fickle. >:\
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    Finally got it working!

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