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    Kryria lvl 110 now!!! Yay!
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    No sorry. I dont know what steam is.
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    Hey Kyrinth how are you doing?
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    Long time no see, its me QUINTUS. Im getting PSO2 on Vita in NA 2013, see you online? American server?
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    Not much. Enjoying my new computer that I got about a week ago. Other than that... same old same old.
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    Well, there was always the chance you didn't know what I was talking about, since I didn't give any context in the first sentence.
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    Well, guess I was wrong. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read the latest CAD.
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    You left before I posted this:

    Celeb is the one where you lose 20 + (10 * element level) mesta per hit, but deal 10% more damage per element level.

    The reason it ruined the game was that, unlike in PSO, PSZ allowed you to have any element on most weapons. Therefor, weapons that should have been the best are overshadowed by slighly lower-tier weapons that could have celeb. Even my signature weapon type in PSZ, double sabers, despite having the higest ATP weapon of the class have celeb, it only had level 2, thus making it ineferior to the second and third highest ATP double sabers.

    Basically, you are losing a small amount of a resource that, by the time you're able to use some of the best gear, is not a resource but a fact of life, and you are dealing significantly better damage as a result.
  9. Mabinogi by Nexon.
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    Dood, I sent you a friend request add me!
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    Well dood come join me on PSO GameCube the community is like 10 players on a good day, so we all know each other lol. I can show you how to get online if you need help with that.
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    Sup Kyrith,
    Do you happen to still play PSO by any chance?
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    I got one for ya,

    so this ogre walked into a bar and said "i do enjoy Orange Juice"
    (take it somebody)

    Bartender says: "I see you have a fuzzy naval, would you care for a screw driver?"

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    Ahh sweet!
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    Yeah man I saw it, sry I didn't respond to it. I really hope it makes it to North America, I'll be picking up a 3DS for sure if it does. Tales of the Abyss is one I always wanted to play, and the 3D is a plus. I wonder if they will have a sleeker version of the 3DS by the time we get all the really cool games. I like my portable systems to be portable, if you know what I mean.
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    Thank you :P
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    Thank you fro your gracious welcoming to PSOW! To show my thanks and support I am going to sing a wonderful song for you.

    YouTube - 1000 RAVIOLIS
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    As I said, the pilot.
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    I saw the pilot, Serenity, and now am watching what I assume is the second episode
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