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  1. Is blocking possible on the attacks?
  2. Gimegid got nerfed :\ Sux...
  3. That's not bad if you manage to stun, freeze or put an enemy to sleep lol
    What does it look like?
  4. Sucks, but hopefully next update will fix it lol
  5. Ah, Gunners are affected by gravity abit more than before?
  6. Lolol, at least FOs are better than RAs for the time being XD
  7. Keep me posted XD
  8. Damage output was nerfed? That sucks, so are you gonna continue RA?
  9. I wasnt advertising to get you back into it lolol
    So whatcha playing now?
  10. Lol, I only play to battle and trade, not much use aside from that
  11. Cloyster doesn't need it as long as it has shell smash, rock blast, and icicle spear XD
    that's why priority users like Scizor, Breloom, Conkeldurr, and Lucario will remain OU XD
    To counter the priority-less Cloyster among other threats
  12. Not seen often, but it's offensive stats are still passable, especially w/ a choice scarf XD
  13. Hail sucks for that very reason lol, it doesnt waeken fire types, it doesnt make ice ttyper faster or hit harder, all it does is make blizzard 100% accurate and residual damage
  14. Yup, things that hit hard regardless of weather, those that take advantage of weather and those that take advantage while adding an immunity are all useful >:3
  15. *pokes*
  16. I'm good at team building and b/c restrictions are placed on u in the latter XD
  17. To resist damage and be immune to it, ya :3
  18. Just a hypothetical angry mob of Audinos lol
    Arceus has so many possibilities, it's hard to pick sometimes
  19. It's either that or forfeit b/c game freak trolled hard lolol
  20. Ban it from ubers and every other tier lolol or...
    focus sash Max atk reversal if possible o.o
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