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  1. Sableye wouldn't last 1 hit Xp
  2. Lolol
    What if it had 170 in every stat and it had blissey HP w/ final gambit? >D
  3. What if the audino had arceus stats?
  4. Audinos must be plotting revenge in a dark cave underground somewhere lol
  5. U beat the e4 w/ a lvl100 genesect? O.O wow
    Im still 89-90 on my current team
  6. It probably can since it enters every battle at +1 in an offensive stat
    Aside from ghost ofc
  7. I started w/ Snivy and even tho' I had Riolu, it took a few resets
  8. Lucario w/ it's great movepool and stats would've done niiicely as a starter
  9. Heh, the types should've been dark, psychic, dragon *-*
  10. Lol ya, weak to flying, bug, ghost, steel, fighting, ice, and dragon gym XD
  11. A challenge indeed w/ both the 1st and 2nd gyms being hard to beat lolol
  12. Lol, nvr chose meganium in the originals or the remakes; the fire and water starters were always more fun to use
  13. They should've, only infernape and blaziken are really useful, being ou and uber respectively.
    Empoleon is cool too, samuratt sucks to the extreme, and feraligtr could've used a better look. The grass types, mainly dual screens meganium and sub serperior are abit useful, but they arent really a first choice.
  14. Emboar sucks in stats, movepool, and looks
    Swampert would be my fav water starter
  15. Hmm ok...what's ur 2nd fav after jiraichi?
    I nvr played stadium, I only ever played on handheld w/ my 1st being Pokemon Silver
  16. What's ur fav dragon? My all time fav is Flygon
    Alakazam got a new toy in magic guard, allowing it to void the life orb affter effect
  17. Awe....Ooh well. There's always others to use like Garchomp and Alakazam~

    Oh and I've been playing PSO2 for a bit again. I found my new favorite class to play!
  18. Yup, tho' it's a 'legendary', so it's not happening
  19. Ya its called paraflinch/parahax XD I usually use thunderwave and body slam tho w/ stealth rock and wish. The other is bodyslam/iron head or bodyslam/Zen headbutt. Iron head is more often used for reliable accuracy tho'.
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