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    Uh whats up? Your page seems awfully busy o_o
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    spammage... DDDDD
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    Oh look Rick is on? wahawhawjksdf
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    Oh it's possible alright, just highly unlikely.. also, I need to play more though..I mean, i think everyone can agree SH ET is..*shudder* but I should run more often..i find my own stuff every now and then..but most of it is crap..or like when I got SH with my HUmarl, i kept finding ranger seems like i find everything else then what i want Al Azif. I think if i got a decent FO or even a RA weapon, i would make that class. Like doing SH ET i look for Blade and Force mothers..Heck if i found a PW i would make a FO class right away. I had a FOmar named Khamsin, but it didnt work i didnt like to take 1 hit and be sent flying..
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    lol well im not japanese..its just my name XD but then i found out that its wrong..*sigh* and i cant change it ;-; well i've always seen you but i always forget to say something..(sort of) also when im trying to contact people like im doing to you, its hard to say my name cuz its in another language, its spelled wrong, i dont know the language well enough to spell it right, and idk if they'll remember my char name. But meh usually they do, so it's all good. I'm trying to find stuff in this game..i dont really like trading all that least for stuff i know i would never really look for. But even then i only trade small stuff, like souls or materials or slot units..i just want to find stuff on my own ya' know? But that's impossible for this game..
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    heyy its what my name is for psz lol (its in japanese) but my character i play with is my HUmarl named kuroyami.. :3
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    Hey bro that ws some kick ass gamming!! Anytime you want to play just hit up my "Dojo" thread and check me out! Later bro!
  8. All right!
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    ill rehost
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    hey im hosting wanna come come over?
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    im online.
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    Hey and if you are on youtube checkout my PSZ Fan page! Where you can hook up with friends, Post videos of game play or AMV's of Phantasy Star. Or what ever!
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    Thanks for checking me out! Stay cool!
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    Ei.... add me =P
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    you forgot your account ?
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    I know lol. I've had him on my FL on PSZ since who knows how long XD
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    ROFL! Someone made a thread names "BEWARE OF POKECENTER!"
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    hey rick its me machman 5 from psz .told u i would make an account
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    Lol. What kinda free item? lol. I was willing to trade my tartaros cannon for it but I guess you settled for th N'Tathlum
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I like the cold, but it's surprising how we can survive it.
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"To declare epic battles with swords like a that of a HUnter and to wield guns as a RAnger, and to end wars with magical prowess, with a balance of both, you're a formidable FOrce."
- Rick Frior

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