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    Man, I really need to come on here more. >_<
  2. What is happening right now:
    1: I got my alt discord back a few days ago so I can set it for PSO2.
    2: Going through the biggest mystery ever (not) that is what leg part I used on release, as I only seem to have screenshots after I got the illusion part in my hdd.
    3: Took way more screenshots than needed to save my character's settings from the jp version.
    4: Noticed that I was stupid to the point I forgot to send a message saying that I was having trouble getting into my alt discord account and ended up focusing on other stuff. I'm really sorry for that Anon_Fire.
    5: Wondering what ship to go in, feels like ship 2 might be a trap this time and ship 1... well it could be anything, so kinda risky.
    6: Need to relearn how to use Nvidia Inspector as I had a format a short while ago...
    7: Wondering how many days I will lose on this launch (allergy + PC probably won't work out that well).
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    I'll just let you add me with your alt account if you haven't migrated yet.
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    I'm on Discord too.
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    Well, that's okay. Are you using any IM app or anything?
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    Are you looking into joining a new team?
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    Sadly, I'm no longer part of Arkestra. I'm part of Celestial now.
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    Ahhh! You! You're alive! :O
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    Well, no need for VPN's as of January 2015
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    I never use VPN's
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    I'd love to, but I can't.
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    it is okay - I am glad to see that you are doing okay; we should meet up some time.
  14. EXO! Long time no see! Good to see you're still around.

    And I'm sorry for disappearing out of nowhere. =(
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  16. I managed to log in yesterday. So many new stuff, crafting, support partners, extreme quests, dark actually being the best element for force (yay, almost all my skill trees are garbage now o/). I'll try to get some things done in game on the next few days, but I want to get force to lvl 50 before that.
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    Hey, It's okay.... I chose to leave Arkestra.
  18. Sorry about all the delay on responses Anon, I thought I had re-enabled e-mail notifications but it seems it didn't work. Well, this ended being a wall of text, I think I got carried away but I kinda had to get to talk about all of which is written here someday.

    About my health, I'm not sure if it will get back to 100% tbh. I managed to get 2 months without issues (was buried in work until early June and used my holidays to watch the World Cup) and then I get 2 days I could barely sleep. It still wasn't nearly as bad as the first 1-2 months when I first had problems but its... frustating, idk how to put it.

    I've been keeping up from afar on PSO2, heard about the ddos and saw some story related updates (btw, so many characters I don't recognize =x). I plan on getting back someday. I'll have to travel late July so I might wait until I come back. Other thing is that I feel really, really bad from disappearing from the game. I know said in Arkestra that I had some bad health issues but at the time I didn't think it would have been so bad and I end up having trouble to play anything and getting depressed. I'm still thinking how or if I can make up to that, specially with exo as I had said to him that I dislike people who disappear from games yet in the end I've done just that.

    EDIT: Seems like the e-mail options are only for private messages...
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    Well, your health problems are probably long gone by now.
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About SuKKrl
Played at least a bit of most entries in the PSO/U series (Ep3 and PSP2 being the main exceptions). First character is almost always a Cast Ranger.

Feeling weird about being lost in a game I first played 8 years ago but stopped doing so consistently before ep3.
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PSO2 Characters:
Sukkrl - lvl 61/48 RA/HU Cast F / Ship 02 - Mascots
JP Sukkrl - lvl 64 Force Cast F / Ship 02
PSU Characters:
Sukkrl - lvl 53 CAST F - Fortegunner
JP SuKKrl - lvl 135 Cast F - Gunmaster
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2493 5751 7878
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