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    I kind of gave up hope on anyone from the old days actually being alive on here. Imagine my surprise when I log on here on a whim to see an old friend still logs on here! 5 years late but good to see you alive lmao! I obviously don't hang out here AT ALL, so if you got a Discord and wanna get in touch then hit me up at Giggi#9434
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    PSO2 in NA. If you return, get at me.
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  4. Finally adding your friend code into my 3DS, mine is on my profile if you haven't added it yet!

    I dunno if you have Pokemon OR/AS but I'll be playing that a lot next month
  5. Thanks I'll add you one of these days!
  6. Ah, dude you're back! How's it been?

    So can I get your friend code? And also do you play smash bros?
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    alot ;p
  8. Dude it's been a while hahaha, I'm back (kinda), I didn't get MH4 U but instead play Monster hunter online (beta), don't play 3DS much anymore. I need to get your friend code btw...
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    Sorry for my late reply, not....all that much anymore. How are you?
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    Cool! I've PM'd some of the other people in the Book of Mudora group, so hopefully we can get a full team together.
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    If you want to play Tri Force Heroes sometime, just let me know when works best for you.
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    I don't really need anything, I can use QR injection for unbreedables or for breeding parents to get whatever I could need.

    Probably should've PM'd me rather than VM, though. I get those instantly. VM, not so much.
  13. Duuuuuuuude, just got this, I'm hardly on here anymore though I will still return soon full-time, I've just been too busy in PC-Game Land. I'll be getting MH4U in a few months, can't wait to play, I know it's crazy that it's out and I haven't gotten it, but just too busy with my PC Games :P

    Btw, I just started my own PC Game Affiliate Company, where I market PC Games from Amazon and other companies via my website. If you ever want any PC Games from Amazon (or Anything from Amazon actually), you can get it through my site at the best price (I get paid by commission), so pls bookmark the site and tell your friends/family about it, etc. Please note that I don't actually sell the products at all - only feature them and people go to Amazon as usual and order as normal, etc. it's just through a link to Amazon from my site. It'll be available for end-users to buy products from Amazon in about a week, I'm just setting the site up now. It's at

    Hell, I'll be buying my 3DS games from there when I get back into 3DS-Land. Did you get the "New 3DS?"
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    Yo man, I hope you're still alive there. I'm out collecting old friends of mine and you're one of them!
  15. Happy Holidays dude, you still enjoying MH4? Ready for MH4U?
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    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  17. Duuuuuuuuuuude, welcome back man! So you are a Marine! Congrats man Cant' imagine how many push-ups you must have done over summer, LOL, just thinking about boot camp makes me tired as hell xD

    So yeah, nothing new here, same ol PSOW. I am on and off here, actually, I left for a bit as I now play PC games (on Steam), and don't play 3DS right now, will "officially" return early next year when I return to 3DS playing, but i stop by now and again.

    So take it easy man, I'll be back at some point xD
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    I haven't left the service yet, haha, just extending my contract to fill out my orders. I'm indeed a petty officer. Gunner's Mate Second Class Petty Officer, to be exact. Been an E-5 since May of last year, and I'll be up for advancement again in May of 2016, though knowing the GM rating, I'll be at the E-6 exam for a good year or two before I advance, but we'll see, I'm pretty good at test-taking. Mostly. My E-5 advancement results were the cutoff line for GM2 advancement (my final multiple score was EXACTLY the multiple required to advance)...
  19. Ruka's at Boot Camp, people. He won't get this for a long time...
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    You. Ruka. Birthday? Very happy. Celebrate? You should. Cake? Bring it forth, my Rappy servants.

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