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    Hey, Legs. Yeah, I've been busy with a new job. I was hauling in shopping carts from the parking lot at Big Box Suzanne for a while. Now I'm a maintenance guy and it's been less stressful because of it.
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    I haven't seen you in FOREVER! O.O
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    I checked out some of your vids on youtube. It's weird I never made my own Youtube channel. I never bothered because I can watch mostly everything on there for free anyway.
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    How did you post that .gif in the Blue Rogues? o.o

    Edit: Never Mind, Just Had To Change The Brackets Around The Image From [URL] To [IMG]
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    About your question about DQX getting updates for 10 years: The most I know is there will be new updates every 10 weeks. That's about five or six updates every year leaving to be 50 or 52 updates altogether in the game's run. I'm also aware the game will require a flashdrive to play it.
  6. Hello SGS members. Im sending this Reminder out to everyone in the group. We are going to start a slightly more active approach to the group. Not quite as intense as The revival was but it's time to clean out inactive members and start rebuilding The Secret Gaming Society. We are going to start Having events at least 1 per month ran by me and any other events maybe added by members to play a game online that they may have. If you have a favorite game that you like to play setup a play day to play with group members by posting in the shoutbox a date, time and the game. If your interested in playing a game thats in the news be sure to let everyone know so you can get added to the que for that game. For a few of us Phantasy Star Zero is off the table....However Never say never we just might surprise you and join your Phantasy Star Zero Play day should you set one up. There are so many wonderful games to play online for Nintendo DS, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Feel free to setup a play date for any of those systems. Im sure most of us will try PSO2 when it comes out especially since sega is planning to release it on so many platforms. While we wait lets have some fun Chat a little bit, play a little bit and do a little storytelling. So with that If you have been inactive for quite a while and want to stay in The Secret Gaming Society Please drop by the message Board and just say hello or let us know what ya been up too. If we dont hear from you by 4-17-12 I will assume you have no interest in remaining in SGS and will remove you from the group. Thanks much everyone and keep on gaming. This Letter is going to be sent to each Member of SGS
  7. **JOIN THE PSZ REVIVAL** Starting now there will be a PSZ play day for Secret Gaming Society. There will be 2 days to play Saturdays at 12pm pacific Time and Tuesdays at 5PM pacific Time. Best to get connected is to join the chatroom at to trade up friend codes or post your friend code here on the gameday night around the start time so that you can join in the fun. So its official we have days and times come join the fun. I will be on Tuesday nights since I work on the weekends on Saturdays i'm sure there should plenty to play with here.

    **AtBHR will be your host on Saturdays and I will be your host on Tuesdays so if you dont have our FC's be sure and get them traded with us to join in**

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    ello saw u on the bloue rogues group add me on psz plz: 2493 6409 3759
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    Hey Legacy, being the annoying guy who has to tell all FON members to go onto the FON chat, I have to tell you to get on the FON chat!
  10. Sorry guys, been busy, will add people's FCs as soon as I pop PSZ back into my DS.
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    Hi typoon, Its Neona... *waves*
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    Hi, LegacyTyphoon!
    I chuckled reading your post in the Blue Rogues club forum.. "Celtics suck.." Teehee. THAT was priceless! (I 'm a Lakers fan, natch.)
    I hope you will consider adding my FC to your roster. My beau also plays on-line with the Blue Rogues.
    JONES FC: 3008-8894-5497.
    GAVIN FC: 1291-0264-9128.
    I hope to see you soon! Take care.
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    Hi typhoon
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    Welcome to PSO-World!
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