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    Happy birthday Mantiskila! GO JAGS! they could Actually make the playoffs!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday, Mantiskilla! May the joy that you've been spreading with fellow 11-27ers come back to you
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    Shit, good point. It's Thanksgiving, too.

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    Wow, happy birthday Mr. Mantis! You're really gettin' up there!

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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday to the most generous guy on PSOW! Have a wonderful day!

    (you know why you get a turkey, and not cake)
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    Happy birthday Mantiskilla!
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    Oh snap!! It's your birthday!

    Happy birthday my football fantastic friend!!
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    Question. What Phantasy Star Games do you currently play?

    if you play PSO2. add me!
    that is what I am playing on .
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    oh ok. no problem Mr. Mantis. i guess i'll pass on that offer. my pass actually
    is part of my privacy; i also use it for other stuffs.

    no matters, i'm not really desperate for those dlcs. i'm only looking forward to the
    new Helena's swimsuit. :P

    cha nee.
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    what do you mean by share? if I use the amazon code, you can also use it as well?
    also, I haven't receive my code from amazon yet. they're slow with the code not like
    gamestop where it's printed on the receive.

    the gamestop one looks much better and the one from amazon are just so you know.
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    awww, ok. no problem, not a biggy Mr. Mantis. TK wants to get as much money from their fans as much as possible, huh?
    no wonder they making so much DLC costumes. :P

    anyways, thanks for trying.
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    btw, forgot to ask, but are you planning to buy the next gens when they come out?
    i pre-ordered the ps4, but after looking at the list of games that be coming out...i dont
    see any that i'm actually interested in.

    i might consider cancelling the ps4. xbone has some decent release: Forza 4 and Killer Instinct
    caught my attention. but i'm not too fond of xbox, so i'm not sure of buying xbone either.

    lol...let's just stick with PC and ps3/xbox360! so much for next gen. :P
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    actually, i wasn't really much of a fan of One Piece either. the gameplay for 1 was pretty
    fun though. 2 has more contents/characters and area to explore. just give it a shot when
    the price on it is lower. :P

    lol...yeah, i know you have MOUNTAINS of games to catch up on. but if you do get into Tera,
    try buying the game disc for it unless you enjoy downloading 27+ gigs! from their website. >____>;

    you also get a 280 speed horse (max speed for horse) bound to your account instead of that ugly slow horse 240
    in the game. and if you enter the code backward first, you'll get a Tawny Huntress (another 280 mount)
    you can sell on the trade broker (auction house type) for 18000 golds! 280 horses are in high
    demand because Enmasses (Tera developer) removed all the 280 horses. you'll either have
    to buy them on the cash shop or from players that bought them from cash shop.

    having a faster horse is very nice and worth the money spend + you dont have to download 27+ gigs
    with the disc version in hand. just a few thoughts from me. you might have to spend at the least
    200+ hrs. in this game to get some nice stuffs.

    well either way, i'll probably be playing DoA ultimate & One piece 2 for a bit. i'm starting to get a
    little bore of Tera currently, but they'll be adding a lot more contents in the next few months. Tera's
    combat is quite fun. i think you'll like the game, but you'll have to invest a lot of time in it. and i think
    Mr. Mantis doesn't like to spend too much time on any games, huh?
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    sweet dood. you're the best! ^______^

    just let me know when you're playing Tera and stuff. i'll give you the golds in return.
    my little bro. and I are playing that game for so long now. I think I already hit the 800 hrs.+
    in it.

    not bad for a free to play game. would be nice to see you playing too. :P

    btw, i'm also getting One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 on that same day. i'm not sure if you like
    that game though. it's anime, but it's sorta very similar to the Dynasty Warrior games. you
    might like it as well.
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    hey man. is it possible for you to get me a pre-ordered code for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
    from gamestop? i'll pay you back with something else other than money.

    ahhh, if you play Tera Rising and is on Tempest Reach server, i can pay you 1000 golds for
    the pre-ordered code (Ayane & Kasumi costumes). i think that's fair trade and will give you
    a very nice head start in the game when you're starting out.

    Tera has a very nice combat. and even more fun if you play with others. if you like pvping (fighting
    against other players), you'll love this game even more. if you like pve (against enemies),
    you'll also love it as well.

    well, let know me if you can do me the favor, Mr Mantis. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate coming out on 9-03-2013.
    cant wait! i pre-ordered mine on amazon, so if i can get the gamestop one's too, more costumes! yay!? :P
  19. Apparently Iron Galaxy pushed an update last night to Dive Kick that hopefully fixed private lobbies. If that's the case, me and some friends are gonna get a steam chatroom together and play best of 5 sets against each other and switch off (since the lobby system seems to only accommodate 1vs1 play.) Lemme know if you're game.
  20. Added you to my 3DS friendpal list. My code is 4210-5353-9101!
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