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    Darn, it's like the game is trying its best to keep you in PSP2. As for me playing online, I don't usually play online much unless I have people I know to play with, since randoms are very tedious to play with most of the time, and then there's work and all that...Find a suitable time and date (usually weekends) and I'll do my utmost to be there
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    Aye, way too long. You know what's ironic? I thought YOU had left for PSP2i XD
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    dude big notice, i cant sign on 2 my psn so i cant play online. BTW i'm doing this on psp lol.
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    hey mister
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    dude do u think, not that i no, that psp2i release for the US/EU verison will be postponed and released for the new psp that's coming out in the end of the year, cause that maybe the reason y there is no US/EU release yet.

    that maybe the reason why there is no new games for the psp, like the games already released in jap, for example MHP3 and psp2i, there is a shot that they're planning new game releases when PSP NGP(aka psp2) comes out.(this is just hunch, a very good hunch).
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    come to my xat chat
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    thx 4 letting me no, bow i'll try 2 get my psn back up then get bacl 2 playing online again.
    i wont be able 2 be on pso between July 5 to 21 on Mondays through Thursday and if i do get back my psn, then i'll be online on psp2 only during the afternoon. ty very much for the info. Btw did u got my friends request?
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    thx but do u no weather psn requires 5.5 or 6.0? if 6.0, then i may not be able 2 play online for a while until i updated my psp.=(
    i believe there's a good shot of it coming 2 the US/EU sometime the end of this year or begining of next year, remember how long it took 4 the US/EU verison of psp2 took 2 come after JAP release.
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    srry but last thing 2 ask, do u no when PSP2i gonna be released for U.S. version?
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    btw this profile name was supposed to be named after my psp2 character, Striker not Srike missed the t and r by acciedent lol.
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    srry 4got 2 say this but i'm on pso world at around 1 to 5 in the moring pacific time but i get on psp2 everyday.
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    even though if i cant go back 2 online on psp2, still wanna be friends?
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    dude i dont remember if psn requires 5.5 or 6.0 if its above 5.5 then maybe i cant.
    if i do get back on eventually look for an all black male cast ranger name Striker around lvl 100 or a female human name Kelly lvl 59 in a blk guardain uniform.
    my psp is 5.5 gen D, cant get psn from there because i may start a new one. plus i dont had any clue of how to get a little wing license because my firend did it for me and he's out of town.
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    hi from a mem of cast supermacy. dude do u go online on psp2? if i u do then ill find u after findin out watz my psn password again. if u can help then plz send a message.
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    Im not online atm. I wont be online till later this evening.

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    Party is up.
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    Regular S missions.
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    *incoming friend request accepted*

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