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    lol man the game is ... well ehm its not bad but its not good either, the way u desing youre robo is realy limited to the level but its great fun to hover around in the city blowing up robos with rocket launchers and lasers from ten id give it a six maximum seven...
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    Haha hey remeber me?
    Happy New year !!!

    Lol sry I havent been here for like ... months dnt knw why dnt realy ply phantasy star any more I am waiting ha and I gues so are you right ?

    Well funny thing is today I bought this game and I imidiatly thought about when you told me about it ...

    yop its chrome hounds I alos bought front mission evovled ... knw it ?

    well anyway yeah just wanted to say hi ... !
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    Lol yeah me too you know RAcasts are prety awsome but lets be honest RAcast is cool aswell I cant decide =)
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    lol its in the fan work on the forums =)
    nice wht charackter will u chose =) ?
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    Good have u seen the RP counter terrorism I am writing there its realy fun but i sock ...
    Well I am now waiting with u =) I saw the game.... looked at the trailers.... had a heart attack because of its awsomeness ... and now I am waiting =)
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    Hey dude wht u been up to ?
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    They did it soooooo much fun I still ply sometimes =)
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    Yeah I do Naruto a bit and Onepiece ... I love FMA brotherhood .... hmm my faf game is probably :
    Custom robo arena for the ds ... good times I love that game ....
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    Just looked it up on wiki looks realy cool sry about it being shut down ...
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    whats Chromehounds = ive never heard of it ???
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    Yeah I wish the city in PSZ were bigger ... I always feel like being stuck there .
    So likke right now whats your faf game ?
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    Yeah i am not much of a sc-fi shoter exept for HALO of course ... I like calll of duty but i dont have an x-box so I can hardly ever ply those kinds of games.
    And so I stick to wht I know best ``nintendo ds/i/3ds games.
    I love splinter cell for 3ds thats so much fun and also of course PSZ ...
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    Yeah i know i tried it some time ago but i dident work at alll so i stopped well good luck with it ...
    Dude wht games exept for PSZ and stuff like that do u ply ???
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    LOL school I hate that place =) LUckely everyone has to go to that prison so ure at least not alone =)
    Dude ure drwaings rule men u should start a thread and draw some their realy good =)
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    Dude wht have u been up to ?? I hve been playing a looot of online with some guys from the revival group realy fun ... =)
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    ohh tht sox ... sry man
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    yah online playing rules man ...
    How comes u dont have wifi ???
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    Yeah its fun ... Love how u can desing ure char ...
    And the muti plyer battels are awsome !!!
    So u aint playing PSZ anymore ??? =(
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    ohhh .... ehm.... ha.... okay .... well lol... I just got PSO for game cube havent even finished tht yet so I gues Ill stay with tht for now ... altough I still ply alot of PSZ ...
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    yeah I heard about it but I dont have a psp so I dosent realy interest me much ...
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