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    Hey its been awhile haha u should get on xbox sum more
  2. Hi
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    OMG You replied thats so awesome......*Calms down*. Your welcome I was so surprised that you made an account here, I'd never of thought voice actors would even play the game they worked on (Well apart for some inspiration) let alone join up a community site. So have you voiced in any other games or anime i might of played/seen. OMG this is so cool!
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    Your the voice of Emilia?!? OMG Thats so awesome.....Hi lol.
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    There's a big gaming conference in my college, I'm so excited!
    It's my first shot at getting my name out there
  6. We need to play PSP2 sometime.
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    i did that with boarderlands and the dlc altho thats different cause all the dlc has a different story line
  8. No problem. Besides, it's the least a teen can do ya? *Cough* LOL PSP2 reference. *Cough* And mind giving a report on how PSU is doing at the moment when you join? That is if you do.
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    Hey there!
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    lol but you gave her a voice
  11. You to. What have you been up to?
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    hey everything takes time and the longer it takes the longer the experience, but dont wait to the point u forget what ur doing :P that always ends bad haha but its nice to meet u and such maybe we can play together sometime
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    The real Emilia 0.0
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    Welcome to the community!
  15. Hi there.
  16. If it aint so...*Yawn* So my face was ripped apart cause of you eh? *Shrugs* Worth every meseta i had. And for your information my circuit boards are fine. No need to worry now. Anyways i'd like welcome you to PSO-world and if you ever need any help on past references like remeberin PSO or help im here for ya. *Cough* PSO DC V.1 Vet here... *Cough* Have a good one Emilia and do me a favor. Can you tell me that you have seen a HUcast around Clad 6? *Head turns 180* Well shoot. Im being called you have a good week now eh Emilia? Don't stress because thats the last thing i need is for you to show up with a stressed attitude. Ok?

    HUcast V.3
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    im fairly new too sice i have only plaid countless hours of demos on xbox, and just recently got a psp and PSP2, and i have to say welcome even though i feel like you got in before u where in lol
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    Haha, I remember trying to get into FFXI, I just couldn't. I wanted to really bad, though.

    Friend request sent. So, once you want to play online, I'll help as much as I can. Too bad you can't trade A or S rank gear. I've got plenty that I don't use anymore. Oh, well. I can still help you hunt for your own rares. I await the chance to play with you.
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    Kind of creepy how your XBL Gamertag is "Jenevieve", and my Ranger's name on PSP2 is "Genevieve". Just thought I'd state that. Oh, and welcome to the site.

    Oh! And since you have XBL, I thought I'd let you know that my friends and I use that to chat while we play PSP2 sometimes. So, if you ever want to run with us, we'd be glad to have you, and we could use XBL as a way of communicating. Easier than the in-game text, believe me .
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    emilia..I mean jeuno, welcome to club
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