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    Hello. Do you still have a zero saber? I Give you 500k + 8 items that are listed in the following thread :
    It would be better if it have a photon art and no element, but at least any photon art @_@
    Thank you.
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    THPP Wiki. You'll get things like move information and the type chart as well. Also has a Link to the simulator. Also has all the puppets base stats sortable.
    Touhoudex. The puppets list. I mostly use this for knowing how/when a puppet is going to evolve.
    1.8 Emerald Version. Everything you need to know about this hacks progression. Also has a link to the Useful Things page, where you can find the readme, egg moves and such. Should also list where you can find evolution shards.

    If I think of anything else I'll edit this post as soon as possible.
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    Naw dont be soo down on yurself yur doing the best you can
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    Hucast How have you been!!!
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    have you added me yet cause i already added you to my: i can't wait we play it
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    hey can you add me to your psų
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    Do I have your permission to quote you on your Thriller Combo paragraph? I'd like to paste it under the new description I wrote.
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    Yo Hucast Adding u to friends
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    Heh heh, very nice picture!
  10. OMG I love it! Thank you so much man! It looks amazing! I got all three versions of the picture, so you can clear them.
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    For the record, I checked up signature rules while I was at it, and here's a half size and a quarter size. The half size just hits the sig pixel limit of 180, and as such you can't put text below it (Only to the side of it). The quarter size is for if you want text below it. I can also resize it to something inbetween, so just tell me your preference whenever.

    (By the way, tell me which of the shrunken sizes you use so I can delete the other. Unless you download and reupload it yourself, in which case just tell me if you do. Imageshack has a stupid 400 image limit and I'm dangerously close to it.)

    For the record this took around four hours of mostly-constant work, though I admit a bit of that time was spent trying to figure out how he'd look/pose. So many lines, so complicated...
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    Don't worry about it. Thank you for thinking of me though!
    Thursday or Friday would probably be best. I'm still in this Endless Tower run. *eye bleed*
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    @Hucast Omega: I'M ON-LINE NOW! I only have a small 10 min window left.. If we're unable to trade, we'll be on later tonight.. I'M STILL ON-LINE! I'm sorry I missed your earlier post..
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    Hucast Omega!
    This is Joni. I have Gavin's DSi w his PSZ card. (I have the mobile wifi hotdot in tote) I have only 15 min left in my lunch break. ARE YOU FREE TO DO THE TRADE? If not at this time.. We have our dinner to go to after pau hana (work 4pm) but we will hop on later tonight at 9-10pmish if you're free then. PM me if you're free and able to trade now! 15min window..
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    I like how you stepped to do a revival that if you give me a time for it on April 1st, I'll make an announcement for the unofficial revival on April 1st on the information board of the group.
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    Lord Axeon+20 - 32/35/29/0/18 - Heat Lv3 - Earth Bullet

    If this is truly your highest % weapon, then do you think maybe you could fortify it then I could rank you in the new section of the rankings thread? If you have anything higher and want to be ranked then let me know.
  17. I went with the Force with the highest MST. For better or worse, I have a fondness of high damage classes.
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    According to your PSZ info, you made a Lv8 FOnewearl. While I still have a chance to stop you, then may I ask why? As a FOnewearl, the only tech that you hit hardest with is Megid. If you like Megid, then just ignore this. If you like the Foie/Barta/Zonde series, then pick a FOmar or FOnewm depending on if Aurvivability or PP recovery/conservation (respectively) is more important to you. FOmarl is if you like Grants and if you want to have the highest accuracy to whack things with Slicers and Wands. I know there are uses for Megid, but I haven't rediscovered them myself.
  19. Thanks man. I'll try to let you know if I'm not around. I'm still hunting a good wifi area down. I may have something later. My time zone is pacific time. I hope that works out for everyone.
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    I've added you on PSZ. It seems like you're going to be sticking around for a while, but let us know if this is not the case. We usually have a few guys on everynight running Super mode so it's never a dull time
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PS Zero Characters:
Omega - HUcast - Lv. 100
Lucienne - FOmarl - Lv. 60
Epsilon - RAcast - Lv. 26

Sakura - HUnewearl - Lv. 10
Reina - FOnewearl - Lv. 1
Mathew - FOmar - Lv. 13
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