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  1. That works to.
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    I just took a look at this list and worked from top to bottom on titles that I could get easily. Once those were done, I worked on the harder ones/ones that took longer to get.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask! :3
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    I wish I had 60% armors. ;___;

    I'm at 221/250 titles right now.
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    Yeah, I was pretty sad when I heard that Nate Dogg has passed away. :[

    On a lighter note, I'm getting closer to getting all titles from PSPo2! :0
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    Hello! :>
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    PM Sent
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    ACJC? 8D Come to ACJC with meeeeeee.
    Hahahaha thanks! Combined humanities tomorrow. D: To Master To Grow To Serve! (Okay it doesn't really have the same ring)
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    Hahahaha awesome 8D I take it you're aiming for IB then. XD
    Drama <3 I used to be in choir in Primary school then I quit. Haw
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    And I'm from MGS. :3 Youuuuuu~? 8D
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    Yeah I'm in some mentorship thing. Short stories.
    OH LOL I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT CCA. I'm doing a lot of SYF training, so that eats up a lot of time too. ;A;
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    I'm usually wasting time away on Facebook! :^D Or else I'm playing video games or ACTUALLY DOING MATH HOMEWORK oh mai or working on stories I have to get by deadlines or doing art research.

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    Technically I'm doing 8 because CLB doesn't count as an O Level subject. I'd say isn't taking core Geog tough!! D:
    Best of luck with your results~ :] I think I totally screwed up Chem
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    Mine are going on until next Tuesday. </3 I've done Math, A Math Social Studies and Chem so far.

    Uhmmm, Double Math, Pure Bio, Pure Chem, Pure literature, Combined Geography/Social Studies, Art, Chinese Learning B. Might drop A math though.

    You? 8D
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    Thanks for the help dude... that was pretty cool
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    Lol tell me about it. 8D;;;; I'm being eaten alive by O's and none of my characters are even 100+ yet! D:
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    Hey fellow Singaporean! (: Heh.
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    prome does not work online with Infinity. The only way I know to play infinity online is with 6.20 / 6.35 HEN
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    Where's the Bel Pannon banner? @[email protected] =P
  20. Pun intended.
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