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    Aoi! I hope you like this year more than the next I know it may be tough, but please, don't give up on living. You and I can meet again. I promise I'll make every attempt to get back to you, one way or another.
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    I'm still a bit nervous... But I know I'll do okay. It's just like taking care of babies... large babies But I don't mean that in a condescending manner. I have to keep in mind that most are there for reasons that they can't handle. I'll have to respect that.
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    Sorry for being away for a while. I just got me a job! I'm starting next Wednesday! Maybe I'll be able to hang out more often now that I'm done searching >w<
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    Thank you

    A bit late tho, but Merry Christmas
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    Right. Don't make me be at your deathbed any time soon, okay? You know what I mean. Stop getting into trouble and run away when you can. You got legs. You got muscle. You can outrun a majority of the townsfolk. I also want to see you safe, okay?

    Sweet dreams
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    Simple. Just let him know that you're around. You're going to have to take my place. Just... well... he's my brother. Don't be doing anything funky with him, okay?
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    Wow. Just that much or more? ;P
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    Okay. Just how much do you love me?
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    Even the strong can cry. And stop assuming that I'm thinking you're weak. You're not! Sure, I beat you to upper-body exercises recently, but that doesn't mean you're weak. You still give me an issue when we're competing. You can outlast me in lots of things! Your endurance can beat me by miles--something I can't even do! You have more physical potential than me. I'm just a midget.
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    Are you crying right now?
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    I'm sorry. As much as I want to comfort you in person... Goddamn...
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    Hey, hey! I thought you were okay with this!
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    Premenstrual Syndrome? Hehe~<3

    But really, it's been hard on me too. Who would've thought that we're going to be apart? I mean, really. We've always been together, right?
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    Aw, are you blushing?
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    Eh, I just miss you too much to be hiding anything... I really want to hear you, though... My cell phone is in the house though. You'll have to wait just a little while longer, okay?
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    Okay. I miss you bunches... Sweet dreams, my love~<3
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    You might not want to see me atm...
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    Just admit you love me >w< Heehee~<3

    Anyway, just move this to PMs, PLEASE!? I really feel awkward calling you Aoi D: Like seriously. I wanna call you by name!
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    I'm okay, really. Just read your PMs. It'll sum up what happened, but then again, I'm just going to post a summary of everything in TGZ. So, keep an eye out
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    I see you already told them... Take care, okay? I'll see you some time down the road, okay? Better yet, why not ask if you could fly up for Christmas? That'd be totally sweet!

    So... y'know... I'll miss you. Wish me luck, okay? I look forward to seeing you again. Though I may not remember you as we are now, I still remember who we were. You've always been my wingman, my angel, my sibling, my savior, my rival, my best friend, my happiness... You were always my everything.

    I've left the password to my safes in the usual spot. You know where to find it. I entrust you with my memories, okay? I can't bring all of them. I'll only bring a new notebook. I plan on starting anew, and those notebooks I have in the safes are there for me to remember when I come back.

    So... yeah. You take care, okay? Don't go where you know where you shouldn't go and always trust your running instinct. You're always spot-on when you know when to run. Don't get into talk fights, okay? Just learn to walk away, or run if you have to. So... yeah. I love you.
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