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    Happy birthday to you!
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    Oh its your birthday now?? ha!!

    well happy birthday too you!!!!
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    yeah i LOVE fall xD and like you....not looking forward to winter...i dont like snow at all D: too cold!
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    holla! hey nadia lol xD been doing well? :3
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    haha! thought you would have! thank you you NAdia! you are a cool friend!
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    oh. didn't know you were bored. thought you really meant it. lol
    Well you can greet me happy birthday again when it comes. to make it up!
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    not until two more weeks! LoL
    but thank you though in advance.
    thinking about my birthday coming up!.
    we are getting older as time flies by!
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    HEYYY! haha yeah its funny cus I played PSO ep3 like..couple months ago and saw all my old stuff, brought back so much nostalgia, i wish they would at least bring back ep3 xD

    I been drawing more or less and been playing Dark souls on PS3 o3o
  9. I aint trimming off nuthin, the names based off my ep3 char, it has nuthin to do with me. Ppls can thinks whatever they wants. Don't bugs me none. Go trim your beard you old fogey!
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    Thanks, thanks a lot. But I won't stop being like Taurus the hard-headed bull no matter how old I get! Btw when are you gonna trim lady off of your name? It's deceptive to people who haven't dealt with you yet =)
  11. Happy Birthday Mikesoawesome! better slow down you're getting old! Use the brakes baby!
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    Hello dear Nadia.

    It's good to hear from you! And reading that you still have the soundtrack cds made me smile. (Being reminded about the phone call made me cringe though.. I think I made a poorly timed call when I was on the move outside and our talk consisted of me asking "what?" all the time because I couldn't hear you with all the noise around me, and you asking "what?" because of my poor enunciation.. )

    It seems that every so many years I get hooked on PSO Episode 3 again. About a month ago, I packed in my Wii and replaced it with my old Gamecube and since then I've played tons of PSO again. And of course that makes no sense because PSO is playable on Wii just as well, yet it feels better this way.

    In any case I envy you for getting old AND growing up. Seems I only did the former. And I still often think about what I'll do when I grow up!
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!
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    Heyhey - I'm going to get started on PSOBB while waiting for PSO2 But I'm undecided on which server. I hear BlueBurstServ is the cleanest and most reliable, while SCH**** (sp?) is the most popular?

    I miss Ep3 too No "board game" has ever had me addicted so much. Probably never will be another! You should join the Ep3 Group on here, a few old Ep3 peeps there:
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    Oh hey, I remember you! How goes it Nadia?
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    I've been on an on-line gameing Hiatus sice the closing of US PSU PC/PS2 servers. But PSO-2 looks promising if I can get a decent PC Hey I just noticed you live in Milwaukee! That is also my home town. I live in Muskego right now about about a 15 minute drive from there, small world I guess lol
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    heh wouldn't that be awesome. Or at least an XBL/PSN release of EP3 with online play. I enjoyed all episodes of PSO but EP3 always had the best replay value.
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    hey there Nadia, I remember you too How you been?
    I've been pretty good myself, playing mostly fighting games and random old games lately.
    Looking forward to PSO2, but not too much yet since I know it'll be forever til it comes here.

    Cheers for EP3!
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