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  1. Technic Advance +
    Tech High Speed +
    Technical Master/PP Technic Save (Don't use both)
    and High Speed
    Technic Advance
    Technic Boost
    Super Technic Boost

    If I know there will be a decent amount of tech resistant enemies, I drop Technic Boost for Full Charge shot. Have specialized builds for specific missions though.
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    fast vergessen
    hol dir tumikiri hyori von shizuru (gemaga oder max 4 A oder S...habs nie in A gesehen)
    extend es mit incap lv 4 und leg dir den skill elemental hit zu
    eig brauchst du dann nur tumikiri die meiste zeit zu benutzen außer bei mittleren und großen gegner
    ill gill und chaos sorcerer zählen auch dazu
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    hyakka ryuoran macht mehr schaden bei einem pa(dreieck attacke) aber verbraucht mehr pp
    und da es so viel verbraucht brauchst du mehr pp wenn du blade destruction bis zum kreuz am bodern machen willst

    mom spiel grade gw2

    nene das wars mehr kommt net
    nur da casts so wenig pp haben können sie BD(blade destruction) nur komplett ausführen wenn sie entweder pp bless von sayo haben oder pp skill reduction, pp boost oder pp high boost haben

    ich selbst mag eig alle
    Beast benutz ich aber eher
    besonders als Vanguard würde ich Newman oder Beast benutzen
    beide mit 4x Feril/legs und sangeyasha+bugei senba Twin cannon*rabol Cesta, Demons Devastation oder Eternal dimensions

    wirst halt als beast nicht mehr getroffen und machst sehr hohen schaden
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    wegen dem Vanguard weapon/skill thread von dir

    da du nen cast hast vergiss EVA
    also benutz eher ATP module
    Burst Bomber
    Twin Saber advance
    Twin saber strike
    Critical Power
    den rest an punkten kannst du für freeze/stun/sleep protect oder da du als cast wenig pp hast würde ich vorschlagen nen PP boost zu benutzen da man als cast kein volles Blade destruction mit hyakka ryouran durchführen kann wenn man PP nicht erhöt

    da Twin sabers dank Blade destruction ziemlich gut is würde ich vorschlagen einfach bei twin sabers zu bleiben
    bei den skills hab ich desswegen twinsabers advance/strike hinzugefügt
    da du vanguard bist verlieren mini rappys Twin cannon und da Twincannon die 2. besten twin saber sind wenns um geht würde ich mir welche zulegen
    kannst einfach white beast S machen und ziemlich viel überspringen
    musst nur im ersten sector den schlüssel bekommen und dann direkt in den letzten raum laufen
    im 2. sector kannst du anhand der ersten monster schon sehen ob mini rappys auftauchen
    falls die ersten 4 monster alle die selben sind kommen mini rappys später
    falls aber ein magier(komazli) oder ein tentakel ding am anfang unter den 4 monster auftaucht kommen keine mini rappys
    also kannst du die mission eig abbrechen und wieder starten
    so lange bis mini rappys auftauchen und twin cannon droppen

    für die anderen elemente empfehle ich Demons devastation, Eternal Dimensions oder Sangeyasha+Bugei Senba
    und is halt hyakka
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    was für ne rasse spielst du bei psp2?
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    i got many characters and my highest one is level 140/27,but i am about to over write that one with a fresh one because i could use the practice.i like to do story mode first to work on my character,but i online it at times and sadly to say i think psn really hates me since it dc's me even when i am using ofw.
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    hey ^_^ 831 hours at my end, Hmm it's not boring if you really have the passion and excellence in the game, Hmm so far, I do have 110k kills, doing GH, MAX, MAI even in multimode all by myself, But I can't play missions that require 2 active players of course. hehe It is not bad playing offline. But It is nice to play Online too and what research
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    hey Oh I do apologize but I only have the iso format of the game via download =( I really want to play with you guys.
  9. Heya been a while
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    The only reason is because I like how the ranged weapons look.. and Racast is high in accuracy, health and defense. Moreover, the abilities to see traps and resist poison are quite useful.

    "Racast adapts to all combat styles" said WuBing.
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    Since you are using a lot of ATP-increasing stuff, I would probably incorporate some Hit stat into your mag, so it will help you not miss as much. Of course, I'd also put some Power stat in the mag as well. Of course, do NOT give any Mind stat to the mag. For example, my mag on my HUcast has 50 Power, 10 Guard, and 40 Hit, and since I first made the Guard stat higher than the Hit stat at Lv60, I changed the mag with a mag soul, so that it would keep Midgul. This setup, along with a mix of 55 Power and 25 Hit materials, makes my HUcast miss rarely.

    Another thing about the mag you need to be careful about, is what photon blast you want. This is the difficult part of trying to make your mag. People would recommend Flozir, but I recommend Midgul. If you like, you can take Granir or Pacifal, but I personally don't like those photon blasts. It's completely up to you.

    Finally, the next problem is what kind of mag design you want. Obviously, you want a mag that looks good, but it can be problematic with certain stat builds, such as when you need one stat over another, but the mag you get looks ugly to you.

    I'll recommend you to check out these links on PSO-World, in case you need some more in-depth information on how to grow your mag. Here is an evolution chart that will help you figure out what mag you want, because it will matter when it comes to wanting a particular photon blast (beware that above Lv60, the mag will change if one stat suddenly goes above another one, which will change your photon blast. To prevent this, either be really careful with how you grow the mag, or get a mag soul (i.e. Rappy Soul, Puyo Soul, etc.) and change the mag into it, so that it will never evolve again, preventing this problem from occurring.) You can also look at this forum thread regarding lots of good information regarding mags, and this forum on how to grow cool-looking mags with a nice stat build for your character. I hope this all helps.
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    It depends on what weapon you use, such as one with a high Accuracy Adjustment. Aside from that, in the Super difficulty, you will occasionally miss, and it gets pretty annoying, but at least you will deal lots of damage.

    Also, every time you ACCESS the Bakery quest (whether or not you finish it), the quest will not be available until you find the bakery again and talk to the Cake Sisters. This applies with all characters. Now that you have chosen to do the quest with your RAcast, for example, you will need to find the bakery again in order to do it again with any character. This cam get very annoying when you are trying to do this quest on the Hard difficulty in order to work towards getting the Compress PA, which is a PRECIOUS one-time-get unit slot that shortens the charge time for photon arts and techniques (you need to complete all 15 quests on the hard difficulty to get it). Therefore, the next time you find the bakery, don't do the quest until you are on the Hard difficulty or on the Super difficulty when hunting for other rare weapons.
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    Ranger weapons can be weak, compared to other weapons, but as you work to grow your RAcast and find better weapons, you'll eventually be able to deal a lot of damage.

    One serious problem I have with the RAcast in PSZ, is that based on how the way things are, the RAcast ends up being a weaker version of the HUcast, but with more ranger weapons than hunter weapons to equip. Therefore, I try to use guns much more often with my RAcast to compensate for this. >_>

    As for my HUcast build, you can find it on the Palette and Unit Setups thread as well (only my build there is the build that I actually use). Along with utilizing the Celeb element on most weapons, my HUcast can deal plenty of damage (I'd say between 180 to 300), even without completely maximizing his ATP. However, this is mostly due to some ridiculously strong weapons that I own, such as a Haden Bite with Celeb LV4 and Bite Stamp. I'd also say HUcasts are good for offline play, but soloing online with a HUcast is very difficult.

    Also, don't worry about being annoying with questions. I'd be happy to help.
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    I occasionally use my RAcast (~180 hours of gameplay), but I use my HUcast more often (~455 hours of gameplay). However, the RAcast was my first character to use, and I still use him, so maybe I can give good advice on how to use a RAcast.

    Well, as for why I chose to make a RAcast...

    1) Because I love being a RAcast (had two in PSO Episode I&II+, one in PSZ, and plan to be a RAcast in PSO2 at the start), because I love robots
    2) I sometimes prefer raw attack power, which the RAcast has over the other rangers
    3) I did not like how the RAmar and RAmarl did not have Shifta and Deband, even though Jellen is still quite good
    4) Heat Traps are VERY helpful against enemies (Don't use traps on bosses. They don't work)

    As for their build, you can dish out plenty of damage if you emphasize your build on mostly ATP (this is my opinion, however). Also, you may want to utilize the Celeb element on most of your weapons, and I highly recommend that you bring a hunter weapon with your RAcast to deal with the ranger weapon-resistant enemies in Gurhacia Valley, Paru, and Arca Plant. If you want an example of a RAcast build, you can check out the Palette and Unit Setups thread in the PSZ forums to see a couple builds listed there by respective players. (Make sure to not use my RAcast build there. That is a joke build that I decided to make up in my head for satirical purposes. And no, that's not the RAcast build I use. I have yet to decide to record my build there)
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    In case you didn't see my reply on my picture, I have dealt about 590 damage to a Pobomma with that setup and a Heavy Attack with Risk activating. There was no Shifta or Zalure at this time.
  16. Happy New Years! └( ̄▽ ̄*)
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    It's fun but I won't consider it until the english patch is released and the ISO won't download for me.
    So Infinity is currently a no.
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    It's not fun anymore. I got to lvl200 like half a year ago and since then I lost the strive to keep playing.
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    Me? I have alts for all other races, but I main a human. As for the class, I can play all four
  20. Heya...have we met before?
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