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    Hey Emp! I hope 2018 is doing good for you.
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    Hello there, Emp
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    Happy Birthday, Emp! you must be cool since you have the same birthday as a Dreamcast!
  4. WB, I take it you graduated?
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    Happy Birthday! Here's some cake
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    Happy birthday emp
  7. Ya, I'll chk out ep3 @ a later date tho, going back to uni myself
  8. Hey, how's uni?
  9. Hey, what happened?
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    You changes the ship?
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    Hey, I only just noticed your message. I've been considering it, and I actually have the ac to do it at the moment I've just been debating, How are you? its been a while, how is ship2?
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    Ah, apologies if I wasn't clear. I believe sega assigns each player a number, so I usually think of numbers when people refer to ID's >.< My bad. Anyway, hope to party with you sometime!
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    ID ._.b
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    Sure man, feel free to add/message me anytime I'm on. Username is "limbolag" I believe, so just hit me up on the visiphone whenever.
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    Sure! I thought you played on ship 10 though? Thanks for helping me with the controls I like having R for step but I hate using the dpad for switching between pas/techs or blocking. Ill prob be playing a lot on my commute to school (starts tomorrow), but its different everyday. Once I get into a routine I can be more reliable to play with. You can search for my player id by searching Pugas. Hope to see ya soon!
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    Ops bad timing, I'm not home today and only have my laptop, which can't run PSO2 :/, just send me a friend request and I'll be there tomorrow sorry T_T
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    Ow I hope you are not going home everyday! because me too I have to travel for more than 4 hours 2 times every week.
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    Yo YO are you in game right now?
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    I would but I'm not even at SH yet
  20. Psow lol
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PSO Characters:
PSO2: Ship 10
Luna (Newearl, HU 60/ FI 24/ RA 60 / GU 65 / FO 65 / TE 65 / BR 12)
ID: casperghost
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