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    Thank you.
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    no prob
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    Happy Birthday!
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    It comes full circle. A year later, we say the same things!

    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy birthday to you! :3
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    I don't think i will be able to this weekend sorry. Thanks for the offer though
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    We can meet up another time if ya like.
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    I'm very sorry i couldn't make it this weekend something came up.
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    You must think you're so great! So great! So...great.
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    I actually did get the English patch a few weeks ago, and you're right, it has helped immensely. I still want to parse a few runes, though. Useful for where the patches can't reach or when I want to get the gist of what other player is saying.

    Oh god, the disconnections. Fun times. I'd host, I'd DC. You'd host, you'd DC. Rui would host, she'd DC. I checked the english servers a month ago out of curiosity, and it's as bad you'd expect. I started a room, and it was a nonstop parade of useless hackers who couldn't pass the first challenge level (was going for that 'pass challenge with all types' title). I went and downloaded a cheat program, installed the 'change name cheat', and if the hacker in question stunk or was a general bum hole, I changed their name to "I am a fish" in plain text w/out any color. Haven't touched PSP2 since.

    Can't wait to see Rui again. Personally, I've been too nervous to really talk to anyone in PSO since it's technically bannable with the whole 'illegal patching of the client' on top of the entire 'not really in Japan' thing.
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    Yo, what's up? How you been? I'm back in PSOII, although I deleted my old beta character and made a new one. Just couldn't get into being a Tech'er, or a Hunter, or a Human. I went back to Cast Ranger. Just feels natural.

    Also, I'm slowly and painfully little by little beginning to recognise a little of the japanese text. Still can't read it, but I can see a symbol and say, "Huh, that's 'ki' followed by 'ah' so that must be 'cancel'." Also have been looking at some manga to help out. I find I learn the letters easier when it's written sound effects like 'ugh' or 'haha'. Go figure.
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    Yeah, I remember I had spent 1000FUN trying to get something, got 1000 more FUN from the retail Vita package, and in the span of 2-3 days, I had gained 800+ FUN! Trying to get that Dante's Usamimi ribbon (any at this point), since they took the rabbit ears and rabbit tail out of circulation by the time I got the Vita version. Yet Cat/Fox ears are free?! That's....Rabbsist! >_<

    I think on my first day, someone wanted me to give them 100FUN outright. I was in shock, but my noobness turned them off. ^_^

    My party usually consists of NPCs since when I finally get to play, everyone's asleep or in the process of doing so....or I have to work. TT_TT
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    I actually found that out yesterday. Since I have the Premium set, it seems I acquire a FUN boost too! Trying to acquire the Usamimi ribbon band! >_<

    I've been using friends' character data and gave a friend a Good Job for waiting to wait for me and another party member while she was at the boss entrance and for her help earlier. Speaking of which, she was wondering how to send character data to friends. I apparently sent her data of Rabbie (prior to my finalizations on her design), and I have NO idea how I did it! @_@

    And it feels so empty without you. So I use your player data often! ^_^
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    They have them in circulation?! Oh wow! I'll really have to be on top of those! @_@

    Yeah, I'll just stick to creating Rabbie and Ramune for now. At least they are perfectly doable with the current settings.
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    I know the feeling. There's barely any room in this apartment for me to go all out on how I want things arranged.

    I JUST got around to that and Blace helped in the Tech Support forum. I was having trouble and it was all because I had 2 capitalized letters. And my player ID is "GameHopper Unit", thank you. ^_- decide who I'm going to create. The hair options can't really do a good job replicating Sara. Do you unlock hairstyles and or accessories later on? Cuz if so.....*_^
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    Well you keep saying "I'm getting a new computer" for 5 years and tell me you don't feel the least bit crazy because it never happens. XD
    Was originally going to get a cheap laptop, but looking at building one instead. Upgradeable.

    Well not exactly hard, but I had to work for it to get the amount I have. (Hey, Sara's a Princess, she HAS to be loaded ^_-) Emilia outfit! Go for it!!!

    Thanks! My 16GB card that I'm using exclusively for my JP account is coming today (so much for getting here on Monday; love Amazon Prime...when it's the USPS. Turns 2 day shipping into 1!), so I'll be signing in today! Think I might make Rabbie first. I'd make Sara, but it'd be weird since the account's basically "RamuneRabbie" XD
    Might try making her on the offline creator though!
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    I want a new PC. I've been bumming off this old PowerBook G4 for 9 years now! Time to upgrade! >_<

    I see, so I'll have to save a lot of Meseta! That was hard to come by in PSP2, so I can only imagine how it is in this game! ^_^;

    That's not a bad idea selling some of the outfits. I'll have to think about it. And thanks for linking that starer guide.

    I probably won't get the game until the beginning of next week, but once I sign on, can I use you for the Friend Invitation System? :-3
    I just hope Ship 2 doesn't fill up either, because Ship 1 has sailed apparently! >_<;
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    That's awesome! Hopefully you can find her! I'm not sure if the person I'm looking for will be playing the JP or US versions, but considering she may in fact be Japanese or has knowledge of the language IRL, chances are good!

    I'm just getting AC for the additional character slots. I did pre-order the Special Package version of the Vita game and will send for it on Thursday. Might get it on Saturday which would be ideal. I think it comes with Premium stuff, so you may have a hide away yet! ^_-
    Reminds me since I tend to play at work when it's slow, with the hospital's slow internet I'm not sure how PSO2 will fare. I've been successful with PSP2/i...only time will tell I guess. Having a shop sounds tempting though.

    Awww, that's an awesome outfit! So you have to grind for Meseta to get them or you can buy them outright with AC?
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PS Portable Characters:
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