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  1. Happy New Years! └( ̄▽ ̄*)
  2. You too! Happy New Year!
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    its okay just take it easy my friend stay safe .happy new year as well
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    my new friend code please add it okay
    4899- 9885- 7996
  5. I'll try to go online tonight
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    i hope we can play soon my friend take care merry x mas.
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    hey if u fancy a run hit me up friend
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    I'm still continuing the runs.
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    You know, I completely forgot about "The World Ends With You"! I should make that the next game I get!
    Oh, I think you might like THIS...
    Trust me, just watch it...

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Trailer HD (English subtitles, TGS 2011) - YouTube

    Make sure the English captions are on!
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    Can't stay long, can just give you the item then I gtg xD
  11. Hey, im here!
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    Yoo ^_^
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    Well I check the site regularly during the time I am awake, so just message me if you see me online here. I'll keep an eye open for if you log in.
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    And murder we did. Epic run we had tonight Thanks for the fun. ZeroxGT and Mikessc88 as well (if you two are reading this).

    EDIT: Epic pic of your head with Mike on the left and Zero on the right. Do what you want with these
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    I had an unexpected and unfortunate d/c last night. My internet just gave out >_> Sorry about that ~
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    Thanks for the tips, and yeah it will be a breeze. Im just wondering if i should hold off or do it now. might finish by 11pm if i do it now.. Anyways, hurry up with ur ET run lol. Its pretty dull online right now.
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    Thats good dude, keep it up! im sure you will get something that you want or go through ut again lol. im just getting ready to do ET hard. Though it wont take long since im at lvl 79. i hope i get those wings and maybe then i can breeze through SH when i clear it. Also if you dont find the claire doubles, ill try to help you out by searching for them.
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    Hows your ET SH run going buddy?
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    Ah ok, not high enough beast % for me to be interested xD My current Morgenlote had 49% beast but I upgraded it to 64% which is only 1% from max xD
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    Yoo ^_^

    You mention this earlier; "Btw I have an untouched Morgenlote." in my trade thread. I was wondering what stats it got xD
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1. HUmar
Name: Joshua
Level: 73
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Name: Josh
Level: 85
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