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    my man, you just kinda disappeared off the face of the earth. Ya still around? (yes this is like my first time logging on here in a few years lol)
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    D: you ever coming back dood? we miss you. New PSO2 is gonna come out soon!
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    yo I was talking to JC and we might play psp2i through hamachi. if you want you can come play too.
    all you need is the emulator, the iso, your savefiles and hamachi.
    never really tried it but I think thats all
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    who was tito again? xD
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    it is great there xD
    they are really friendly.
    yea it was in an art gallery but they only made the frames but I was able to paint xD
    my "work" was basically paint every day for 3 hours and thats it xD
    fuck you xD I was actually thinking of trying to paint the characters again.
    cant watch him really much because of the time difference.
    but I played psp2 and psp2i few days ago just to try it out. had to switch to win 10 because multiplayer wasnt working xD
    yea they need something new that hopefully comes out in the west xD
    oh I started playing FF14 LOL.
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    oh and I saw Boney streaming on xD
    really miss the good old days. I wonder if there will ever be another game where everyone is playing again together. :/
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    I was gone for like 2 month because I was doing a project and it was an internship in greece for 2 month
    was pretty fun.
    now I have no idea what I should play xD
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    yo hope you had a great start in the new year!

    I think no game is as grindy as PSO2 xD
    I guess you mean World of final fantasy? I watched a stream of it and it looked good.

    I think the next big game Im going to play is Monster hunter world for the PC.
    whenever it comes out xD
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    all good.
    I downloaded PSO2 and before installing it I deleted everything again xD
    Currently I play Phantasy star online blue burst and Tales of vesperia.

    yea you can still play it online but never really tried it.
    you need to use something like evolve and ppl can join you but you better use discord to let ppl know.
    I tried Infinity offline but stopped shortly after.
    maybe ill play it some other time.
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    btw Im gonna play psp2 and psp2 infinity. its still possible to play online
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    I guess you'll play episode 5? I mean taking a break from it is pretty normal I guess and coming back for a big update
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    hope everything is going alright
    there are some days where I am thinking of getting a psp only to play psp2 again
    but its kinda strange without online
    idk if there is a private server for this game
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    about time xD
    Im not playing much either.
    Last games I played were Zelda, Persona 5(250+ hours lol), litte bit of guild wars 2 and now dark souls 3 from time to time
    I dont play much these days
    hope you are alright
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    nope xD
    but I watched stream and my brother has it
    Im mostly playing old games right now like Snes games
    and Im moving soon so I need to pack stuff
    aaaand I got 3 wisdom teeth removed
    soooo nothing much right now xD
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    my psn?
    I dont know xD
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    xD np man
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    finally xD
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    kinda xD
    but thats normal
    I am doing alot of stuff right now and games arent just the same anymore
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    well you gave the japanese guys money
    oh LOL
    I am thinking about installing it again xD
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    well...they dont mke any money right no because its been what now? 3 years? xD
    oh..hmmmm...well I wanna play PSO2 where the name of the mage class is actually "Force" and not something like "Wizard" xD
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