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    I tried PSO2 again but its not for me.
    Currently playing the infinity patch xD
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    I just wanted to say thanks for the great times in psp2
    I wish you the best and hope everything is going well

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    I also can't translate that as that's 100% server side.
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    It's not enough space and your reception quality is unstable.
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    Hi! Could you solve the .bat thing when trying to use modded files? I'm having the same problem.
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    /me pokes limbo
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    Yeah, the bosses are pretty ridiculous (and that friggin' dragon spawns SO MUCH).
    Also I decided to go HUTE / TEHU recently. Boy is that amazing. Only TE51 (HU73 yay) but stuff like zondeel + wand smacking is amazing.
  9. That's beyond old news lolz
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    Too bad All Guard is main class only =x As is Guard Advance.
    I'm just gonna spend my points in Massive Hunter for 70 > 75 on HU.
    Ignite Parrying is also a nifty PA, that I wish didn't have such a massive difference between "no attack parried" and "at least one attack parried". At least it's better than Chase Arrow where I simply have no idea how that thing works! Still, I'm having fun.
    How's this update for you?
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    Oh doing alright, still playing PSO2 (mostly since ep3 made everything better). Still have work too.
    Right now I'm kinda disappointed that we got XH difficulty!... For some EQs. Dang it, we're suppsosed to reach mevm 75 how! And the new SP CO requires 3 class XCs to get 1SP!...
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    Deaden! It's been so long since I last saw you! How's suff going?
  13. Hey, thanks, been fun xD as of last week, TWC cant connect normally and this would've been my last year either way, so no point in trying to connect via other means
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    Ok. You said username so I wasnt sure.
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    Sweet. Thats your ID or character name?
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    You play pso2? on ship 2? wanna meet up with me?
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    Hiya! Just wanted to let you know that I fixed that "Always on top" bug you posted about. Thanks for letting me know
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    idc if there will be no western release
    i wont play it then
    i mean i play guild wars 2 which is better in any way
    just the fact that you cant really keybind your stuff tells most ppl that pso2 is retarded
    the combat system gets fucking boring too
    its just clickclickclickclickclickdodgeclickclickclickdodge clickclickclickclickdodgedodgedodgedodge
    its just stupid that you can dodge as many times as you want
    and ofc the "trading post" and only one mag for every char(if you dont wanna pay for more) is fucking stupid too
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    western release
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    i probably will play it when it comes out but i dont think that i will play it that much
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