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    Well should be easier to find xD
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    Well, I don't 'know' you too well, but I do know you're well-spoken and that you always make intelligent posts. So, 'respect' would be the fitting category, methinks.

    I agree with everything you said. The game is, admittedly, nearly flawless, but some things do stick out to me. But, as you said, SEGA has time to tweak things, so I'm confident in their abilities...which usually I wouldn't be, but hey, they've made PSO2 this good already, I'm sure they can fix what needs to be fixed.

    The gacha...yeah, I can already see how they're going to try and suck as much funds out of our wallets as possible with that goddamn thing (12 AC outfits for one color change at the makeover shop? *whistles*).

    Even though I'm a bit hesitant to interact with other people, don't worry if you see me and want to say hello or something. If I know who you are, I'll definitely be happy to talk. It's just there are certain people who are rather rude to me that I'd rather not converse with, unless they approach me in a civil manner.

    Hell, I had quite a few people be mean to me over the course of the Closed Beta. Some guy even told me this morning that I was a freak for using PSO2 as a "waifu simulator" (guessing he's not a fan of all my screenshots, as I'm sure many people find them 'creepy' fact, it's my love of picture-taking that nets me most of my "enemies" in communities such as this usually). So, yes, I have reason to be a bit avoidant sometimes. But, no worries. If you see me, say hello.
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    How did you like the Closed Beta? I'm going around asking people whom I know and/or respect what their opinions were on it, and if they had as much fun as they thought they would.
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    Guess that is true sorry bout that haha.

    Generally I'd use for alot of's
    Business: So microsoft word with resumes (considered doing a work at home job but current laptops ram won't cut it)
    Pleasure: Internet/games
    ETC: w/e other crazy stuff I come across...

    Just overall everything.
    I'm mobile often so laptop sadly would suit me more.

    In terms of what games I'd play.
    Currently right now games for me are as follow:

    Gamecube Emulator Dolphin (it plays but the fps c an be sluggish at times and had to find a year old revision for it to work on my laptop)

    LOL (although i could technically play that now)

    So in terms of what I'd use the laptop for....virtually anything I'd do on a laptop but when I do play would be enough so i could enjoy it....with lil to no FPS issues...

    Price? That one is 1249 so.....possibly less then that say......800-900.....if knowledge on specs to price ratio is off. I do know generally the better the graphic card the more it'll cost
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    Ahh ok. Well most of us on the open beta will probably find each other again easily
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    Hey is there a decent laptop to play games on other then this one?

    I'd hope not to have pay that much for a laptop if I don't have to -.-
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    Yes. My friend who's been staying with me also got into the beta. He's not a huge fan of PSO, but he's played Blue Burst with me quite a bit.

    Other than that, I figured I'd try to play where everyone else from PSOW end up.
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