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  1. Dunno if you get on here anymore, I hardly do for now, but if you do , check out my new Video Game company website where you can order games from Amazon for cheaper, it's at, please support!
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    sup hey play now phantasy star online blue burst server is here

    Have Fun xD
  3. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeere Arrrrrreeeeeeee Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? xDDDDDDDD
  4. Dude, lol. Are you a fan of Super Smah bros? Super Smash Bros Palutena Trailer E3 2014 - Smash Bros IGN - YouTube Still think it's ridiculous that Link beat Pit though... but the anime is awesome!
  5. Darn, that sucks, I had hoped you had it, as I was going to invite you to my team. Buuuuuuuuuuut, you know it is FREE, right? Sooooo, you could still get it, lol. Lemme know if you're interested, I'll give you the link info and stuff...
  6. Looooooooooool - the answer to the last question is Gungrave. Hah! I am revoking your anime license! Kidding, of course.

    So I'm finished with Pokémon X. I was wondering, do you play PSO 2 (on PC)?
  7. Darrrrrrrrrrrn! I missed you! Sorry, I didn't even check till today. Oh well, we didn't have enough people for Multi's anyway, unless we asked passerby's

    LOL, so you ARE an Otaku! I'm surprised dude! You have your anime license intact.

    However, you were wrong about a few:
    1. Yup - you were correct
    2. Yup - correct again
    3. It's Yoko Kanno, but I'm not familiar with the group, is she in the 'seatbelts?' [EDIT: Okay, I had to look it up, and lol, we're both right. The song was written by Yoko Kanno but PERFORMED by the Seatbelts!]
    4. Yeah, that was a bad question, sorry - what I was getting at was "Cyberpunk"
    5. It's Production IG, unless they changed their name, lol. And I meant the studio that actually produced the animation parts - maybe I didn't ask the right question.

    ^ Oh, and you didn't "Google" for answers, did you? You didn't... riiiiiiiiiiight?

    About DBZ, LOLOLOLOL, yeah, the universe would be screwed if Brolly went SSJ4, but you think Goku SSJ4 ALONE could take him? Huh?
    About Gogeta, well, if you remember, though DBZ is famous for plot-holes, Vegitto ALONE without going SSJ was schooling Buu WITH Mystic Gohan - the strongest character in DBZ - absorbed, while Gogeta had to always go SSJ to take on enemies that Goku SSJ3 alone couldn't handle, i.e. movie 12 with changed-Janemba (or whatever he's called). Honestly, that was kinda a trick question, as they should be the same in power level, since it's the same Goku and Vegeta. The only difference is whose personality is shown more, I thought

    EDIT: Another question: What anime is "Brandon Heat" from, which is from a PS2 video game. Hint: "Beyond the grave"...
  8. Wow dude! Einstein! You Should be proud!!!!!

    Do you think you'll be available Saturday for the Pokémon Link Battles? Hope you get this by then... It'd be around 6 PM your time.

    Also, you didn't answer the anime question! I posted some more below:

    1. What anime is the character "Shinta" from (last name Himura)?
    2. What is the name of the theme song (the intro) for Ghost in the Shell, Stand alone complex?
    3.. Who wrote the song Green Bird in Cowboy Bebop?
    4. What is the genre of Ghost in the Shell?
    5. What is the studio name that made the Animatrix, the anime part of Kill Bill, and many other anime, such as Ghost in the Shell?

    ^ If you can't answer, then I gotta - you know - yoink your anime license xD

    P.S. Gogeta vs. Vegitto. Who wins? Brolly SSJ4 vs SSJ4 Gogeta. Who wins?
  9. Congrads also on the awesome Pinsir. Cool! I just got the Politoed from you. Awesome!
  10. Sup dude:0 That's okay. You know, when you said you were ___ (your age) and that you were finishing school May, I thought you might be graduating Saturday, so was wondering how you'd do the Pokémon battle meetup. Either way, congrads man! That's a huge milestone: hope you're proud!
  11. Dude, this isn't good. I've been on all day - I wasn't able to do the Multi Link battles as I didn't have enough people, yet worse, I need Politoed today or tomorrow latest, as I wanted to put Pokémon X up within a few days, and I never even got to use Politoed in Maison yet for my Rain team.
  12. Yeah, that's cool. You're EST time right? So my 3PM is 6PM for you, so as you said, that should hopefully do. So i'll see you then (I'll probably be on a little before 3PM/6PM for trades, etc.)
  13. Duuuuuuuuuuuude, will be needing that Politoed back, hopefully by Friday, as I've yet to use it at all yet. I assume you can breed (get the egg) in a few days? Hopefully the latest by Saturday I'll need it back, when we do the Multi-Link battles.
    Speaking of which, so is 3PM Pacific/6PM EST good? That's the time we're shooting for on Saturday, so pls. be available and online!
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    No, that's fine. I just bred my 31/0/31/31/31/31 Espurr yesterday. Thanks anyway.
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    Didn't realize Game Chat was on until half way through the trade, haha. Sorry!

    Enjoy the Espurr.
  16. Ah man, now? Lol, um, could you give me 30 minutes. Please stay on, I have a few other things to do!!!!

    EDIT: Okay, could you give me like an hour? I have really important things to do, but please STAY ON. I will be on, just give me a little time pls
  17. xD Well, the last name is "Himura" and his original first name was shinta, though it was changed later.

    And dude, when are you on for pokemon? I never see you online, though you say you'll be...

    EDIT: Oh, and hope we're still on for Pokémon Saturday. The time looks like it'll be a bit earlier in the day, um, like 3PM Pacific, will keep you updated. Pls. check back here (on PSO World) if you can, and hope we can trade before then
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    My Friend Code is 1161-0283-3260. If we can't be online at the same time we could always trade over the GTS as well. Could I get your in-game name as well?
  19. Hope I can catch you - about to play Pokémon now!

    EDIT: So you claim to be an Otaku? okay, here's a test: My Pokémon In-game-name - Shinta - what anime/manga does it come from? If you don't know, I'm revoking your anime license...
  20. ROLO, sorry I missed you yesterday, I was on for hours but didn't see you.
    Either way, it doesn't matter: I'll be playing Pokémon everyday for the next week or so in the evening, so one of these days, you'll catch me on
    Question/favor though: you can give me anything for the pinsir, as it's free, but could you help me out pls? I need to get some pokemon to there final form, which can only be through trades, so after we trade for pinsir, could I trade to you 4 pokemon, and you then trade them back? I have:
    1) Poliwhirl that I need to trade to get Politoed
    2) Kadabra that I need to get to Alakazam
    3) Dusclops that I need to trade to get... whatever it's called xD
    4) Magmar that I need to trade to get his final form

    It'd only take like 3 minutes, and you'll get to Dex the poke before trading them back, so could you help me out?
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