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  1. Wow, you haven't had a VM in years, literally!
    Anyway, hope you get this, but I'm putting Pokémon up for good next weekend (Jun 1st is the last day I'm playing it), so hoping we can do the Multi-Link battles before then. I'm looking for next Saturday (May 31st), around 4PM Pacific (don't remember your timezone). Will you be available?

    EDIT: I'll give you some FOOD if you join the group battle xD
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    Happy Halloween, my friend! The avatar's doing it's job well if it freaks you out.

    Though, I guess now that I mention it, Halo Rappy would make more sense... think I'll change it to that one instead. ;P

    And thanks for the concern, and great job working on the calculator! I still haven't been able to test it since I've only been using my phone, but I trust you in that you're doing a great job, haha...
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    Alright, can do foodman. I'll start testing on it now. ;P
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    You are very much welcome, FOOD! I just wish there was more I could do to help, but it seems not, so I wanted to make sure and put im as much effort into what I knew I could do.

    If there is anything else you think I night be able to help with, don't hesitate to ring!
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    I have finished inputting all the grinded ATP's and MST's into the database. Forced myself to stay later than I needed to to finish it, but it was necessary so I didn't accidentally not finish it or make you have to pick up my slack. Enjoy! ^_^
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    Thanks, it was an honor to be able to work with you for something of such intellectual value to those who need it. ^_^

    Anyways, I resolved the situation yesterday, but didn't get enough hands-on time on a comp to get really started on it, but I'm back at work today, with nothing left to do for the time being, so I'll probably get a little done here and there to pass the time. If chaces provide that I should have the time, I should be done with this before I'm off this time, for reals.
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    Ugh, sorry, had other issues I gotta take care of... I'll try and get back on this tomorrow, but tonight, I got some stuff I gotta deal with IRL. Later.
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    So, they're letting me off of work early because we have nothing going on right now. I'm gonna go hit up the rec center here shortly about being able to start working on it there, with faster computers and better formatting and stuffs. Should be done with it all around 6pm PST, maybe as late as 7pm is I'm slower, but I'm partway through Double Sabers right now. ^_^

    If, once this is all done, you could still use a hand in completing it (anything non-code-related), feel free to hit me up for that too! I want to help see this thing through so that others can get some good use out of it, as well as myself! ^_^
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    Okay then, see you in a thousand years!!!

    ...Just kidding! I'm actually already done with the Sabers and Swords, moving on to the Daggers. I think I'll be done with all of this by the time I get off work now, since I just managed to find an efficient way to speed things up (list mode actually works on this old computer, but to start it, I had to input at least one value for min and max ATP/MST on every weapon type's page, since all but the saber page lacked a value in column b and c, so when I opened list mode, I couldn't edit anything in for them because they had no column b or c! ). But, everything is going swell for me now.

    Your work is in good hand right now, so don't worry about checking up on me! Hope you can see it once I am done!
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    D'oh, alright, I guess you can thank me this one time...

    I'm working on it right now, so hopefully, I can get a lot done before I get off work so it'll be much simpler and smoother once I get off, though right now, I'm having a tough time working on these old-ass computers... makes the doc look weird and hard to get around, but I'm doing fine for now, at least...
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    Okay, got it. I'll see how much of it I can get done tonight, and finish what I can't probably tomorrow, since I have tomorrow off.

    And no, don't thank me for helping you. You're a busy guy it seems, I just wanted to be able to help you in any way I could.
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    I believe my gmail account is: [email protected], or maybe [email protected]... the former is from when Iw as setting up my phone, the latter is from linking my youtube account, so either one could work, perhaps?

    EDIT: Just checked, emperorchaos00 is active and can access it if authorization is given to it. ^_^

    But yeah, once I get access and take a look at the doc itself, I can see what I can do and we can do what we need to to get this thing knocked out! You're saying that I just need to add the value of the weapon's min and max ATP/MST WITH the grinders added, correct? I'm guessing I can follow an example if one is given beforehand, haha... just don't want to mess this up for you.

    But, I'm sure that once I can help do my part, work on this will be going quite smoothly. For the most part, when I'm at work, I'm not doing a whole lot, so when I find some down-time here, or even at the rec centers, I can help and add the stuff in slowly and surely, and it'll blow right over. But that's just how I feel it might go... I won't really know until I can see what I'm dealing with.
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    Well, I wish I could, seeing as I don't have a computer, but if there's any other way I could arrange myself to be able to do so, like using different computers to work on it while a main file stays online for access from anywhere for me, then maybe. It's just that the comps I use aren't mine, so depending on how things work, I dunno how much help I could be... but, if it's any condolences, I really want to try and help you as much as I can, if I knew how to do it.

    Oh, and I can't Skype, in case that became painfully obvious by being on a computer that isn't mine... they lack to tools necessary to do so... in fact, I should remove my Skype thing from my profile, since I can't use it anymore. :<
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    I could change your members list status to say "HIATUS" so that way you'll be able to remain in the group. As long as you can say hi once in a while, then you'll have no worries. Even then, I find it very likely that you'll return one day eventually no matter how long you're gone. Don't worry ^_^

    See you around!
  15. You seem like cool peoples, and you're a Dream Theater fan! ;D Addin' ya as a buddypal if that's alright.

    You playing PSO2 at all?
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    YEAH I'll plan on going to the revival!
    We can do the trade then
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    Heey sorry I just saw your message.
    We can do the trade when I get back ^_^
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    Took me a lot of tries to enter lobby 20 myself.
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    I'm in the game now, ship 2, lobby 20.
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    We couldn't talk anyway, PSO2 likes to eat my RAM, and so does Flash plugin used for the chat. So you can bet they didn't like each other.

    PSO2 was awesome so far. Damn, that was such a blast.
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