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    How have you been? I hope everything has been alright for you!
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    I live!
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    Didn't know that about you!

    Lol,I'm sure people have tried. Yeah, same. Although I've played games with deadly amounts of grinding to where the game is no longer fun.

    I have a new PC, I'll look into getting it. I never get attached to my characters though!

    Sorry for late response, I've been caught up with so many things lately.
    ...and also watching movies on the side
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    Didn't know you were such a creeper, lol.

    I've never played The Sims. I've seen a friend play it and he doesn't make it cute at all! Warframe is kind of a grind, but it's actually fun to play.

    How much is Dragon Age? I wouldn't wanna get attached to an NPC and they end up dying.
    That'd crush anyone's heart!
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    Super advance at the art of being a cute creeper kuma?

    Let's switch places, you become busy with work and I become busy with sleep. That sounds so amazing right now lol.

    Warframe is fun if you actually know what you're doing. (which i don't know what i'm doing) It's a really pretty game and it plays similar to PSO2 actually. There's only 3 classes as far as I know which basically is Hunter, Ranger and Force. There's a lot of equipment customization and there's crafting...and all that complicated stuff. There's a lack of character customization though and you really only look like a robot...thingy which you can change the color scheme of.

    Never played Dragon Age once, not even sure how it plays
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    Haha, you're quite the lady's man aren't ya VANNO?

    I'll be adding you to things quite soon, when I have time! I've been so busy lately

    The last game I played on Steam was probably Warframe because my friends kept on bugging me to play it. Is Dragon Age: Inquisition good? I've heard people talking about it, but not too sure.
    (I don't even know what it is lol)
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    I think you're the alien here, because you're out of this world!

    I have a FB too but I don't really use it(too many people have bugged me on it and I get bored of it so quickly), I need to add you on skype again... give me your twitter so I can stalk you. I thought of getting a twitter but I have nothing interesting to tweet about lol. What do you play the most on steam?
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    If anyone is the animal here, it's you!

    What social media do you have? I wouldn't mind keeping more in contact with the little kuma.
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    I feel like I'm being treated like an animal. ;-;
    You evil mean kuma....
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    Show me that secret power!! you got me, give me some chocolate!
    that's an offer that's too hard to resist....>_< you win this time...kuma.
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    That doesn't sound scary at all!

    You should tell me what it is!
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    Please do! That sounds like HEAAAVENN!!!

    but how will wittle VANNO carry me?
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    Different tactical move? Grown a bit...big bad kuma...?

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    The i makes you sound like an Apple product,lol.
    You're very hipster and expensive, simple looking but cool and somewhat handy!

    Watching from the shadows sounds kinda creepy.... but you're still cute, tiny and adorably cuddly like a kuma (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
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    I added you! Your player ID on there is iSync? How did you come up with that? It reminds me of nSync lol

    when I have more time I must stalk youuuu and poke your small cuteness
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    I'm not too sure about you being a Gent...I remember how much of a hentai-kuma you could be.

    Aw, thank you! I haven't made...anyone new I don't think. I miss seeing cute little Vanno and the sexy Morg. We need to play again once we add each other, it's been like...a year!

    ...and take pictures!
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    VANNO is a cute Newman! He's so little and defenseless too

    Oh my god...That sounded SO PERVEEERRRTEDDDDD. I see how you are. I see...
    I can't wait to see your characters grow up into being full grown adults.... Especially your caseal
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    Wow so low level! We need to level our lowbies! I miss playing with your cute Newman
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    I'll be happy again eventually, it'll take time. Happiness and laughter are like drugs...especially laughter cuz laughing is addicting and too much of it hurts!!

    I was on an alternate account so it would've been even more weird!
    I saw a person named VANNO and I was like it could be you...or it could've been someone else with the same name!

    What level are your characters now?
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